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Help I've neglected my Dog's Coat

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A lot of pet owners neglect their pets' coat with not grooming on a weekly basis. What do you do if your dog's coat is a matted mess and beyond grooming?

Well the kindest thing is to clip it all off and start again. With time, the coat will grow again.

With today's matt-breakers and conditioning conditioners, many coats can be saved where once there was no hope. However, neglected coats need considerable time to master, here's what we would suggest.

  1. Spray into the coat a de-matting spray and leave for a few minutes to absorb.

  2. Brush thoroughly with a pin brush to help eliminate tangles and dead hair.

  3. Use a matt-breaker if required.

  4. Bath with a mild shampoo and then apply a conditioner to help prevent matting.

  5. Towel dry to remove most drips.

  6. Blow dry on a low heat using a pin brush

Most long coated breeds do not moult in the way that the short haired types do. However, they still loose hair, and if its is not removed on a regular basis (at least a couple of times a week), then it will fall into the coat, tangle, mat, and felt.

Some dogs are so neglected to the extent that they are completely covered in a felted mass, so that the skin cannot breather. Thoroughly brushing on a daily basis, or at least a couple of times per week is crucial.

Effective Tools that Help De-Matt

  1. Mat Splitter - this is an effective aid that cuts through the mats and tangled with ease. It is simple to use, causing the dog little stress.

  2. Mat Breaker -This tool is designed for easy and efficient removal of mats and tangle with minimum hair loss.

  3. De Matting Rake - comes in different sizes and can be reversed from right to left.

As will all tools you need a pet safe disinfectant for cleaning your equipment. Clipit Ice Care spray is ideal for quick easy cleaning.

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