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The Best Horsey Gifts 2023.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

If there's one thing horse riders love, it's horsey gifts. There's just something about getting something for your horse that makes us really happy. I don't know…something to do with loving them I guess…maybe? And it doesn't have to be Christmas, or a birthday…most horsey products are just awesome all year round.

Take a look at some of our favourite horsey products this month.
The Best Horsey Gifts 2023

This month we take a look at some of our favourite horsey products this March has to hold.

We’ve been busy designing the best gifts for horse-lovers, so we thought we’d share our favourites with you. You can find them all in our online shop, but for now we’re going to share some of our highlights with you:

The Clipit Grooming Apron is perfect for any horse-lover who loves their animals as much as they love riding. It is made from waterproof/hair resistant material and features detachable sleeves, that allows for it to be worn short or long sleeved. With a high neck, this grooming apron stops the errant hair getting onto your decent clothes ! The perfect gift for any horse enthusiast, this product would make an excellent birthday gift, or Mother's Day present, so why not buy one for someone special today?

Waterproof with detachable sleeves.
The Clipit Grooming Apron

Whether you're shopping for a new rider or an old pro, we've got something for everyone!

The second thing on our list? jellyB Spur Straps. We love these new jellyB Spur Straps because there is not need to keep them clean, dry and supple, like you do with leather. Handmade in the UK, made from BioThane material it is highly resistant to the elements and easy to keep clean, it will last for a long time and be less likely to need to be replaced in the near future. After you wipe it clean, BioThane is like new again. It can be dragged through mud, water, and anything else you can imagine. Plus, they come in three different colours-Brown, Black and Pretty Pink. The best horse gift ever!

Made with BioThane material that won't rot.
jellyB Spur Straps

We all know how frustrating it can be to find the perfect gift for someone who loves horses, but third on our list is the Clipit DeShedding Rake. Perfect for thinning unruly manes and tails, this easy to use rake, thins thick hair, but at the same time does not provide an unpleasant experience for your horse. 12 curved teeth, pick up the hair and remove the bulk.

Clipit Skin Sense Shampoo Bar: Who doesn't need more soap? This is an easy way to show off your sense of humour while also giving someone something useful—and it's perfect for anybody who loves horses!

Another great gift would be Clipit Portable Grooming Case . Its made with a modern checker-plate pattern finish and features fold out trays that can house all your essential grooming items. The detail on this case is amazing, with removable dividers you can make room for most things, like your horse clippers and blades.

Holds all your grooming equipment.
Clipit Portable Grooming Case

To all horse lovers out there, we salute you! Horse lovers are incredibly passionate and loyal to their equine friends and we couldn't be more excited that so many products have been created to help our four legged friends. From all of us here at have a splendid March full of love and merriment!


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