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How To Avoid Your Horse Clipper Breaking Down

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

If you are one of those who leave their clippers in a damp tack room, then you are heading for a car crash! Clippers do not take to being left in a damp environment, like a tack room or the boot of your car. These environments are very much like a greenhouse, hot one minute and then cool the next, which is not great for the clipper armature. Always store your clipper and blades in a dry, warm environment.

Tips in how to avoid your horse clipper breaking down

  1. Maintain your blades. If your blades are kept clean, oiled, and sharpened, your clippers will not have to work so hard, and will last longer.

  2. Keep them clean. Use a brush to remove the hair from around the hinge and drive mechanism.

  3. Keep the filter clean. After every clip, brush the hair away from the filter, otherwise the clipper will overheat.

  4. Check blade tensioning. If the blade tensioning is too tight, the clipper will overheat and the thermal cut out switch (on some models) will blow. To rectify, check the blade tensioning and pop the thermal cut switch back in.

  5. Replace the tension screw. If your clippers are several years old, replace the tension screw that holds the two blades together. Over time the spring in the tension set wears, and it won't give you the correct tensioning.

  6. Check the electric cord. Periodically check the electric cord for damage, and replace if necessarily. Never store your cord wrapped around the clipper, as this can cause damage.

  7. Exercise caution when cleaning blades. Do not allow blade wash to run into the clipper case - always take the blade off the machine to clean.

  8. Servicing. At the end of clipping season, always send your clipper off to be serviced. DO NOT leave the clipper in your tack room, full of hair. Hair absorbs moisture and will damage the armature.

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