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Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades with Clipit Grooming.

Regular cleaning and oiling of clipper blades is mandatory for your clipper blades to work correctly. With any dog clippers, it is essential that you remove the hair, sanitise and oil after every use. However, if you are using them in a professional manner, is the routine the same?

Regular cleaning and oiling of clipper blades is mandatory.
Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades with Clipit Grooming

If you are using your dog clippers in a professional manner as a dog groomer, you are probably clipping over 4 dogs per

day. Leaving your clipper blades dirty and with no oil, will cause your equipment to deteriorate quickly. Blades can get clogged up with hair very quickly, won't cut properly, which results in the coat being pulled as you cut and patchy, uneven hair cuts.

Cleaning and oiling your clippers is a simple task that should be undertaken every few minutes, with a good clean after each dog. Here is our guide on how to maintain and oil your clipper blades.

Step by Step Guide to Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades.

  • Oil clipper blades before and after use and keep the blades well lubricated at all times with Clipit Easy Oil Spray.

  • Brush off hair periodically while clipping and before oiling.

  • Ensure tension and blade placement are correct before use.

  • Clean blades after use with a cleaning sterilising spray, such as Clipit Ice Care.

  • Give your clipper blades a deep clean once a week with Clipit Blade Wash.

  • Store blades in a blade box or storage rack to prevent blade damage.

  • Do not use damaged blades or clippers. If a tooth is missing or broken, replace the blade immediately.

Download our Easy To Follow Guide on Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades

Cleaning and Oiling Clipper Blades
Download PDF • 921KB

Taking care of your clipper blades will potentially expand their lifespan, which starts with proper cleaning. Oiling your clipper blades every 5-10 minutes will help to reduce blade friction that causes heat, and keep them sharper for longer, plus it will stop your clipper over heating.

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