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How To Brush Your Dog When At Home

Day to day care of your dog is a responsibility of you, the pet owner. Here is a detailed step-by-step look at exactly what is required when brushing your dog.

Most dogs have mats and tangles because pet owners can't cope with the grooming commitments. Some breeds, especially designer breeds, are hard work in containing the coat, so that is why it is easier for pet owners to send their prize pooch to the poodle parlour.

Dr.Scott who was recently on This Morning, provides valuable information, when grooming your dog during Covid 19. Click here to see the clip...

The Initial Brush Without a doubt, expert brushing is an art in itself. Many pet owners will hand over their dog to a more experience person, who gets a bin full of hair when complete brushing takes place.

  • Always start by grooming the bottom of one of the forelegs

  • Brush up the leg, working your way to the chest

  • Work your way methodically around the body

  • The hair at the base of the ears will need to be combined to remove tangles

  • Lay the dog on his side. Pay particular attention to the armpits, where the hair can mat

  • Brush the hair on the hindquarters. The cost often grows thick here

  • Don't forget the tail

  • The finished result!

The Best Tools Care should be taken to use the correct brush when brushing your dog. Even the skin of a thick-coated dog can be made red raw by heavy-handed grooming. Don't use a slicker or steel pin brush on skin that has been clipped, especially on delicate parts, such as the face. Use a soft brush for these parts.

No dog can look or feel his best unless all tangle, mats and felts are removed from the coat. When a dog has a badly-matted coat, it is advisable to spray in a untangle lotion and leave it to soak for several minutes.

If the coat is considerably matted, then the hair must be clipped off. No dog should go through the pain and distress, because you haven't spent the time to groom him properly.

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