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How To Clean Your Grooming Equipment.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that grooming a dog doesn't sound like the most exciting activity in the world. However, it's important to do if you are grooming a long haired dog or one with sensitive skin. Grooming also helps you keep track of a dog's health by letting you know if there are any lumps or bumps on their bodies that need attention. But grooming is only fun when the equipment is clean!

If there's anything that can make this process less enjoyable than it should be, its using dirty tools while trying to groom a pooch:you'll end up with hair all over everything and no time left over for playing fetch with him/her afterwards (or just cuddling).

So don't get stuck with dirty equipment ever again-keep reading for some easy tips on how to properly care for your grooming supplies so they stay clean, safe and ready for use!

Firstly, clean your tools with a sanitiser that is dog friendly. The sanitiser will help remove any build-up on the tools.

  • Make sure you clean brushes, combs as well as dog clipper blades.

  • The first step is removing all the hair from all your tools and clipper blades.

Cleaning dog grooming equipment regularly will keep it in top shape and ensure you don't make a mistake using it on a dog that could result in an infection or skin irritation.

Cleaning your brushes, combs and other grooming tools

  • Clean all brushes and combs with a professional salon disinfectant,

  • To clean combs, tooth de-scalers and ear forceps, they should go into a sterilising unit.

  • To clean clipper blades, they should be sanitised with Blade Wash once a week.

Cleaning your Clipper Blades

After every use, your clipper blades should be cleaned and sterilised, to prevent cross-contamination and build-up of blade plaque. Blade Plaque comes from the coat that includes deed skin cells, parasites and product build-up. It is a sticky substance that can be found between the teeth of the blade. It is something that needs to be removed and keep off your blades as part of the cleaning process.

The best way to do this on a daily basis is with the Clipit Ice Care Spray. Easy and efficient to use, just wipe off the excess hair and give the blades a quick blast of Ice Care spray. Allow them to dry and store away until the next time you want to use them.

Takes care of cleaning your clipper blades.
Clipit Ice Care Spray

Weekly, you should be soaking your clipper blades in Blade Wash. The Clipit Blade Wash is a unique anti-rust formulation to clean and remove grease and blade plaque from clipper blades. Hair and grease are unavoidable when clipping. Static within the hair structure is attracted to nylon and plastic. As you clip, hair is sucked into the clipper blade and it sits arounds the top cutter and can cause damage and build-up.

Helpful Tip: After use, strain the blade wash through a piece of muslin cloth and pour back into the bottle.

Not finding time to look after your equipment can cost you more in servicing and sharpening long term. Cleaning and oiling your blades daily will save you pounds in replacements and help you run a more efficient business.

To clean your dog grooming equipment:

  • Clean all clipper blades with a sanitising spray. Dry completely and then oil before storing.

  • If you use clippers on multiple dogs, sterilise them by spraying Ice Care Spray for at least 10 seconds between uses.

Regular cleaning and oiling of clipper blades is mandatory to keep your equipment working correctly. With any dog clippers, it is essential that you remove the hair, sanitise and oil after every use. However, if you are using them in a professional manner, is the routine the same? Click here for another great read


By following these steps, you can keep your dog grooming equipment clean and ready for use anytime.


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