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How to get the best from your blades?

Blades blades blades. How to get the best from your blades?

1) Clean coats! Dirty coats will blunt blades quicker and the pet will not enjoy being clipped as the hair will snag on the blade. 2) Regular oiling and cleaning of the blades. Blades should be oiled every five to ten minutes with excess hair being brushed off of the teeth at regular intervals, and hair which gets between blades should be removed regularly also. Clipper blades must be cleaned and sterilised after every animal. 3) Correct tension. Over tensioning will create more heat, making the machine work harder and creating more friction and wear between the blades. 4)Using the correct blade for the type of coat you are working on. Using a fine blade on a thick coat which it's not designed for will blunt it way faster than it should. Fine blades for fine coat, medium for medium, coarse for coarse! 5) Use a good sharpening company with the correct machinery for the job!

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