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How To Groom - Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier requires curly coat care that involves attention and nurturing if the dog is to look good. Daily combing should be part of this breeds coat maintenance, otherwise if left the coat will felt and become very matted.

Coat: The coat is soft and silky. It is neither woolly nor wiry and is loosely waved and curly. The length of leg coat should be sufficient to give good good balance to the length of the coat on the head and body.


As the coat is non-shedding is requires regular attention to remove dead hair and to prevent matting. All trimming should create a balanced look so that no one part of the body is accentuated over another.

Grooming Procedure: Equipment needed- wide-toothed comb, straight scissors and thinning scissors.

Step 1. Comb through with the wide-toothed comb to remove dead coat to ensure no tangles are present.

Step 2. Bath with a good quality natural shampoo. Rinse well.

Step 3. Apply a conditioner to enhance the texture of the coat.

Step 4. Dry the coat gently with a medium heat hair dryer to avoid over blow drying the coat.

Step 5. Trim the head with thinning scissors from the back of the eye to the neck, and from the top of the ear to the throat, leaving the beard forward facing and giving the head a rectangular shape.

Step 6. The ears are trimmed to a V-shape.

Step 7. Excess hair under the ears should be trimmed away with thinning scissors.

Step 8. Where trimmed, scissor the coat to the dog's contours following the outline of the neck, body and legs. The hair should appear natural, rather than sculptured.

Step 9. Blend the leg coat to give a natural balance, by snipping straggly hairs to follow the contours of the stifle and hock. The front legs should look like columns.

Step 10. Check the feet for excess hair and remove with safety scissors in between the pads and around each foot.

Step 11. Tidy the tail to produce a neat outline. Trim underneath the tail to keep it clean and hygienic.

Step 12. The underside and groin can be hygienically clipped with a #10 blade.

Step 13. Check the nails, ears and teeth.


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15 janv. 2022

started hand stripping my cocker spaniel how do i do his legs ?

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