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How To Look After Your Dog Clipper

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

With so many different types and styles of clippers available today, it can be a mind field with which model to use in a professional grooming environment. However they all need the same attention when maintaining and looking after them. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your equipment lasts its time.

Clipper Maintenance

  • Your dog clipper should always be maintained by brushing the loose hair away from the moving parts on a regular basis. Sometimes this is required during the clipping process if you are working on a thick coat. If the hair continues to build up in the clipper, it will eventually travel inside the clipper and impact on the armature.

  • The clipper cable should never be wound around the clipper as this will lead to fractures and failure. The Andis clipper has a hanger on the end, we would not recommend using this to hang your clipper up. The cable where it goes into the clipper bends and then the copper strand inside stretches and you will be replacing the cable every 6 months.

  • Clippers should never be dropped. This is one area to be mindful of when you leave your clipper on the grooming table with a dog.

  • Replace the clipper blade drive assembly every 4-6 months. This nylon blade drive's purpose is to drive the clipper blade. Over a period of time the blade drive assembly can wear.

  • Professional servicing should be done every six months to one year depending on the use and general care. To have your clippers serviced by Clipit Grooming, click here

Blade Maintenance

  • You should clean your blades after every dog or cat for bio-security reasons, especially during this pandemic. This easy and quickest way to do this is by brushing off the excess hair from the blade and then spraying the clipper blade with Clipit Ice Care Spray. This spray can also be used to help cool the blades down as well.

  • During clipping, stop every 5 minutes brush away the excess hair on the blade and spray with Clipit Easi Oil to keep the blade lubricated. This will also stop the blade from over heating.

  • To give your blades a deep clean and to remove any blade plaque between the teeth, you should submerge the blades into Clipit Blade Wash. The Blade Wash is anti-rust, so it is safe to leave your blades in overnight. Remove and allow to air dry, oil your blades and then pop into an airtight storage container. Click Here for our selection of containers.

Final tip

Always have a back up clipper in case you have an issue.

Have you seen our handy clipper blade size guide? It gives you a few great tips on different lengths of blades. Click here

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