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How To Love Your Horse In The Winter

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Give your horse a thorough health check come the Autumn to make sure they’re in tip top condition through the cold months.

Hooves Ensure your farrier is booked for a trim or full set replacement every 6 weeks. Pick out the feet daily to prevent fungus getting into the sole and frog. At this time of the year hooves get a battering due to the cold muddy conditions, so when hosing feet ensure the heels are towelled dry otherwise mud fever could creep in.

Temperature So far this autumn it has been very mild which if your horse is not clipped it can cause them to sweat under their normal winter rug. Check daily to see if their temperature is OK by placing your hand under the rug or at the base of their ears. If the animal is found to be too hot, consider giving him a bib or trace clip. Consider buying the Andis 2 speed clipper that is very quiet, and also great for nervous horses and ponies.

Skin Run your hands along your horse’s coat to check for any lumps or bumps. If you are a freelance groom, ensure all your clipping equipment is disinfected before moving onto your next client. Use the Clipit Ice Care Spray to clean and disinfect your blades to stop cross contamination. It only takes 1 minute to sterilise.

Teeth The New Year is always a good time to get your dentist out to check and rasp your horse’s teeth. If you discover your horse could be dropping his food or hay, this can be caused through rough edges that require rasping.

Vaccination As we all lead busy lives it is wise to pop your vaccination date into your diary otherwise you could find yourself having to restart treatment all over again. New Year is when most competition horses are injected as it’s a quiet time of the year.

If you feel there is something wrong with your horse, we would always recommend you seek advice from your vet.

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