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Mane Thinning & Trimming with the Clipit Trim-up Kit.

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than seeing a horse with a beautifully sculptured mane, tail and trimmed fetlocks.

As we all know the classic method is to cruelly pull the hair from the mane line, a few strands at a time. While some horses will withstand this procedure, others pretty much will strongly object.

One of our newest products is the Clipit Trim-up kit that includes all the grooming tools that you need to humanly trim and shape your horses mane, tail and legs.

  • Progroom Thinning Rake

  • Progroom Thinning Knife

  • Progroom 6" Single Edge Thinners

  • Progroom 6" Safety Scissors

  • Progroom Mane Comb

Each tool is used to thin, shape and shorten the hair. The Progroom Rake will give you that professional "pulled" look to the mane and tail. To use on the tail, start from the top and work down blending into a tapered look each side of the tail. For the mane, this rule works particularly well on thick, dense hair. Starting from the top and underneath, pull the rake through the mane removing dead hair as you go.

The Progroom Knife is a handy thinning knife that is for humanely trimming and shaping manes and tails. This knife with its wide blade sits comfortably in your hand for comfort and control. It can also be used for thinning/stripping coarse terrier coats.

Looking for a sturdy lightweight little comb, then the third item in this Trim-up Kit is the Progroom Mane Comb. The shallow back fits nicely in your hand when grooming and shaping the mane.

The Progroom 6" Single Edge Thinning scissors are both high quality and durable, made from German steel. Normal thinning scissors that are designed for trimming fetlocks can be made with a substandard steel that won't hold a sharp edge. These thinners included in the kit are designed to thin, feather and soften the areas that need sculpturing.

Finally in this Trim-up Kit we have included a pair of 6" Safety Scissors that have rounded tips to guard against accidental injury. Ideal for trimming fetlocks and other hard to reach areas.

These five products are all presented nicely in a handy zipped case.

To shop from this article, click here for The Clipit Trim-up Kit

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