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Mastering the Art of Poodle Paw Grooming: A Comprehensive Guide

Poodle grooming is an art form, and one of the most crucial aspects of it is shaping their adorable paws. While it may seem daunting at first, with the right tools and techniques, achieving paw perfection is within reach. In this guide and video, we'll delve into the intricacies of poodle paw grooming, focusing particularly on the use of curved dog grooming scissors to sculpt those furry feet and legs to perfection. Sue Oliver from Sue Oliver's Grooming School, demonstrates how to set the angle on the back leg of her Poodle, Dorothy.

Transforming a poodle coat
Step by Step Curved Scissor Tutorial

In this video, Sue shows you using a pair of Clipit 6" curved scissors. The unique curvature of these dog grooming scissors allows you to navigate the intricate contours of a poodle's paw with ease, ensuring precise trimming while minimising the risk of accidental cuts or nicks.

The 6" length strikes the perfect balance between manouverability and control, enabling groomers to access hard-to-reach areas while maintaining a comfortable grip during extended grooming sessions. Whether sculpting the arch, defining the paw pads, or trimming excess fur, a 6" curved scissor provides the versatility and accuracy needed to achieve paw perfection. Its sharp, high-quality blades ensure clean, smooth cuts, resulting in a polished and professional finish that both groomers and pet owners can appreciate. Overall, a 6" curved scissor is an essential tool for any dog groomer seeking to deliver exceptional grooming results for their poodle clients.

Mastering the art of Poodle Paw Grooming

Poodle paws aren't just cute; they're also functional. Proper grooming and scissoring ensures that the poodle can walk comfortably and maintain good hygiene. Trimming excess hair and shaping the paw pads not only enhances their appearance but also prevents matting and reduces the risk of dirt and debris getting trapped.

Mastering Scissoring with the Right Dog Grooming Scissor

When it comes to scissoring poodle paws, curved dog grooming scissors are your best friend. These specialised scissors are designed to follow the natural contours of the paw, allowing for precise and controlled trimming. Invest in a high-quality pair of curved scissors that are sharp and comfortable to hold, as they will make the grooming process much easier and more efficient. The scissor that was used in the making of this video, was the Progroom 6" Curved scissor from Clipit.

curved scissor
Progroom 6" Curved Scissor

Curved scissors present numerous advantages over conventional straight scissors in the realm of dog grooming. Their unique design, featuring a curved blade, significantly enhances visibility and control, facilitating easy navigation around sensitive areas like the face, paws, and tail. With a slightly rounded tip, these scissors also mitigate the risk of unintended injury, ensuring a safer grooming experience for both groomer and pet.

Moreover, the distinctive curvature of these scissors allows for the attainment of a more natural and seamlessly blended aesthetic. This aspect proves particularly crucial when shaping the dog's face, as it contributes to an impeccably groomed appearance. By utilizing curved scissors, groomers can effortlessly craft soft, gentle lines, resulting in a grooming outcome that exudes professionalism and finesse.

Step-by-Step Scissoring Process

  1. Prepare the Paw: Begin by thoroughly brushing out any tangles or mats from the paw fur. This will make it easier to see the natural shape of the paw and ensure a smoother grooming process.

  2. Trim the Excess Fur: Using your curved scissors, carefully trim the excess fur around the paw, focusing on creating a neat and tidy appearance. Take your time and make small, precise cuts to avoid accidentally nicking the skin.

  3. Define the Paw Pads: Next, use the curved scissors to trim the fur around the paw pads, leaving them neatly defined. Be careful not to trim too close to the skin, as this can cause discomfort to your poodle.

  4. Shape the Arch: Finally, trim the fur around the top of the paw to create a clean and well-defined arch. Use the curved scissors to sculpt the fur into the desired shape, taking care to maintain symmetry between both paws.

dog grooming scissors on a grooming table
Always use sharp scissors to ensure a clean finish

Tips for Success when Mastering the Art of Poodle Paw Grooming

  • Take breaks if your poodle becomes restless or uncomfortable during the grooming process.

  • Always use sharp scissors to ensure clean cuts and minimise discomfort to your poodle.

  • If you're unsure about how much fur to trim, start with small cuts and gradually work your way up until you achieve the desired look.

  • Reward your poodle with treats and praise throughout the grooming process to make it a positive experience for them.


Grooming your poodle's paws with curved scissors may seem intimidating at first, but with practice and patience, you can become a pro in no time. Remember to take your time, use the right tools, and prioritise your poodle's comfort throughout the grooming process. With a little love and attention to detail, you'll have your poodle's paws looking picture-perfect in no time!


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