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Save with the Ultimate Care System

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Quick and easy to use, the Ultimate Care System from Clipit Grooming will save you pounds on maintaining your dog clipper blades and scissors.

No need to purchase expensive sterilising units, when this handy cost effective pack will give you everything you need when sterilising and oiling your equipment.

The Ice Care Spray removes hair and product build up from your blades, whilst at the same time is a convenient quick way to disinfect your tools. This cleaner and cooler should be used after every clip to safe guard against cross contamination. With its concentrator straw it allows precision blasting in hard to reach places. This handy product also keeps blades cool and helps prevent rust and reduces friction between blades.

Included in the pack is also the Easi Oil Spray. This quick and easy lubricant is suitable for all blade types, and can be used whilst the clippers are running. Specially formulated this oil does not leave a residue within the animals coat, like normal clipper oils.

For best results we recommend you use both products together. Purchase both the Ice Care Spray and Easi Oil Spray together as the Ultimate Care System

and gain 14% on purchasing seperately.

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