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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Dog Lovers & Horse Lovers

Each year, countless people give expensive jewellery, extravagant chocolates, and luscious flowers as Valentine gifts to their romantic partners. But if you've ever spent time with a doe-eyed pooch or a glossy-coated horse, then you know that it's not only humans that are capable of giving unconditional, puppy dog (or equine) affection. Here are our favourite Valentine treats for canine companions and horse lovers alike.

For Those Who Love Their Pets: A blog about dog and horse related Valentine's Day gifts along with a list of other related doggy and horsey products.

Spur straps are an easy way to jazz up your riding outfit, and they are a practical accessory used to keep your spurs in place. Sketched by hand before being carefully moulded from BioThane, each pair of these Pretty in Pink spur straps is made to last for many years, and any horse lover would love a pair for Valentine's.

The Clipit Quattro Clipper is extremely lightweight and provides a great deal of manoeuvrability making it the perfect clipper for a dog groomer to have in their collection, especially when doing multiple breeds of dogs.

For many dog owners, no breed is more loved than their furry canine friend. This Valentine's Day, you could treat your beloved pooch to the best in beauty and grooming products by purchasing a Clipit Shampoo Starter Kit.

For dog owners who want a groomed animal, the Clipit De-shedding and Grooming Gloves are the perfect gift. With a simple design, it can be used to de-shed the dog after walks, giving it a clean and beautiful coat. For horse owners, it can be used to brush out mud from a winter coat and remove dead hair from all animals.

Dog groomers don't have time to waste... they have a lot of dogs to groom. If you're one of those folks (and let's face it, who isn't?), then you've come to the right place - Clipit Grooming is your go-to for finding great grooming clothes for staying hair free!

Have your horse be seen in the dark.
jellyB Hi-Viz Fillet String

A holiday is coming up — Valentine's Day. The perfect time to give a gift to your lover. But what should you buy? A dog lover? How about something for the horse lover in your life or do you still have no idea what to buy? Forget chocolates, forget flowers, forget that pottery class…buy the horse lover the jellyB Hi-Viz Fillet String for the rug. They will love you forever!

We hope this list will help you find the perfect Valentine's Day gift for your furry friend. And regardless of what you get, there's no better time than the present to spend time with your loyal companion, whether it be a dog or a horse. They'll be the ones who give you unconditional love without fail.

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