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Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper

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Clipit Enterprise Limited has recently launched a series of projects to bring pet owners the latest in pet grooming technology. Our new Clipit Quattro clipper provides all the performance you need when grooming your pet. With a choice of 6 different length titanium blades, this clipper offers a seamless and smooth precise cutting edge. Learn more about our projects and join us on this journey to revolutionise pet grooming.




The easy to grip slimline hand piece has been designed to be agile and easy to use. Its shape and weight of only 254 grams (8.2 oz) make it easy to manouvre even in difficult to reach areas and on small animals. Also idea for small hands.


LED Power Display

Designed to provide uninterrupted clipping. It delivers 6 hours constant clipping from just a 3 hour charge. Power indicator function on hand piece to show battery capacity.


Superior Blades

Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades will stay sharper and cooler for longer than a standard stainless steel blade will. All our blades are easy to fit, by just popping on and off the clipper head. The blade system is unique to this clipper and will not fit other brands of clippers.



At a whopping 8,000 strokes per minute it will trim the most delicate of areas too clipping off the most thickest of hair. Having the added benefit of titanium blades, they will offer cool clipping.


Less Maintenance

The energy saving durable 2600mAH Li-ion battery provides short circuit and overcharge protection. Sealed unit with no annual servicing required.


Blade Sharpening

With nano titanium technology, our clipper blades will outlast other brands. Innovative technology allows blade replacement when the blade is at the end of it's life.

Want to purchase the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper?


What is Clipit's Quattro Warranty period?

The Clipit Quattro cordless clipper has a 1 year standard warranty from date of purchase. A proof of purchase has to be

submitted online, click here.  The lithium ion battery is covered with 6 month warranty.

How do I know if my Quattro Clipper is under warranty?

The best way is to check your order from your online account of your receipt from a show. Our 1 year warranty period begins

from the date of purchase. So please keep your receipt safe.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The #10 clipper blade that comes with the clipper is not covered by the warranty. The warranty is also not covered if:

  • The clipper breaks down because of improper use,

  • The clipper has been modified or been repaired by an unqualified engineer,

  • Damage from being dropped,

  • The unit has been overcharged,

  • Use with abnormal power supply,

  • Breakdown caused by not following the product instructions,

What if my clipper is not repairable under warranty?

We would be happy to replace the clipper if it is not repairable under the warranty.

Do you offer a accidental damage warranty?

Yes we do. For the sum of £40 you can safe guard your clipper for accidental damage that will protect your clipper for

up to 2 years. This covers you for unlimited repairs with no excess to pay, a replacement product if it cannot be repaired and free delivery of new clipper. The accidental damage policy has to be taken out at the same time when the clipper is purchased, and will end 2 years to the date you originally purchased it.

How can I register my Clipit Quattro Clipper?

Registering is very easy. Just click here to visit the Clipit Warranty register page to enter your information.

The warranty period begins from the date of purchase, so be sure to retain your purchase receipt for verification.

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As a groomer with over 30 years' experience' I have never liked cordless clippers, I find them heavy to use and with not enough drive to glide through the coat - until NOW!

The Clipit Cordless Quattro clipper is the kind of clipper I have been waiting for. An ingenious design by the Clipit Team!

Joanne Angus LCGI, National & International Groomer. Liz Paul Award Lifetime Achievement 2021.

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