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Buyers Guide - Shelandy Twin Turbo Blaster/Dryer

Dryers may seem like a small part of the grooming process, but they can do so much more than just help dry your dog. They can be used to clean skin and coat and massage away all their stresses from the day. Let’s talk about some of the great benefits the Shelandy Twin Turbo Blaster/Dryer has to offer and what to look for in a machine.

Paula shows us what the Twin Turbo Blaster/Dryer has to offer when drying pets.

If you’re looking for a new dog dryer, you’re probably wondering what to look for. Here are some things to consider:

- Power: Make sure you get a dryer with enough power (measured in horsepower). The higher the HP rating, the more powerful it will be.

- Accessories: If possible, choose a dryer that comes with accessories such as an ionizer or an air filter. These extras can help keep your pet healthy and smelling fresh by removing allergens from the air.

Noise is a huge concern for the grooming professional. Dryers are the number one cause of hearing loss for the professional, so it's important to know how to choose a dryer and keep noise levels at a minimum.

Newer dryers are available with noise-reduction technology, which decreases dBA (or decibels) by up to 25%. High dBA levels can cause hearing damage in both animals and humans, and an extremely loud environment can also be stressful for pets and people alike. This can result in agitated animals, which is never good. If you're going to work with dryers, make sure you wear ear protection while your pets are drying—and even if they aren't—and put cotton balls in their ears when they're not being dried. You may also want to use Happy Hoodies on your pets, which will help reduce their stress levels as well as keep them from barking.

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