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Clipit launches ingenious Quattro Clipper for clipping.

The Clipit Quattro clipper is just the kind of cordless clipper the dog grooming industry has been waiting for - lightweight, easy changeable blades, fast running speed with plenty of charge time - what's not to like. An ingenious design by the Clipit team, it is a refreshing alternative to the cordless clipper market.

Lightweight and very Powerful
Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper

The brain behind this clipper is Paula Bryan, who has been in the dog and horse grooming industries for over 30 years. The Quattro clipper is named after her late horse who with Paula represented England at Dressage on several occasions. With the benefit of industry knowledge this clipper is designed for the professional and avid pet owner, where cool running is always a premium and power and speed is a high priority.

The Quattro is different to other cordless clippers- it delivers a packing 8,000 strokes per minute, only weighs 254 grams and from a 3-hour charge will deliver 6 hours of constant clipping. Because of its neat size, you could be mistaken for using a trimmer and not a clipper.

The easy to hold, slim hand piece reduces hand and wrist fatigue and makes it easier to manoeuvre in hard-to-reach spaces and delicate areas.

Joanne Angus LCGI, Managing Director at Look North Grooming and Training has over 40 years’ experience in the grooming industry, has been trailing the clipper and this is what she had to say.

“You’ve converted a total cordless hater into a cordless lover. What a great piece of equipment you’ve designed. I’ve never liked cordless clippers; I find them heavy to use and with not enough drive to glide through the coat-until NOW! The Clipit Quattro is just the kind of cordless I’d been waiting for – lightweight, easy changeable blades, fast running speed and plenty of charge time - what’s not to like”

Why you should consider the Quattro as your next purchase?

At a glance:

  • The cool running titanium #10 clipper blade runs at a constant 8,000 SPM from a brushless motor,

  • A 3 hour charge delivers 6 hours constant clipping,

  • Can be used cordless or corded,

  • Extremely lightweight, weighing in at 254 grams,

  • Super slimline ergonomic design hand piece,

  • Power indicator function.

One of the many features of this super cordless clipper is that it only weighs 254 grams, making it the ideal choice for avoiding hand and arm fatigue. Included in with the clipper is a #10 titanium clipper blade that is designed to provide a 1.5mm cutting length. Ideally you would use this blade for a short cut, around heads, pads and ears, but a unique feature, you can also fit the Wahl Metal Attachment Combs to this blade to get a larger range of cutting lengths.

Power Function:

You can make full use of your clipper thanks to the power indicator on the hand piece. No need to replace the hand set back into the charging unit after every dog because of the Lithium-ion battery, you just leave it on the side and only recharge when its got below 20%.


  • Clipper kit includes: Clipper, #10 titanium blade, charging unit, cleaning brush, clipper oil and 3-pin UK lead,

  • Lightweight - 254 grams,

  • Lithium-ion battery,

  • Hand piece Size: 18cm (L) x 5cm, tapering down to 3.5 cm (W),

  • Instructions included,

  • Supplied in cardboard packaging,

  • 1 year warranty, with additional 2 year accidental warranty available at additional charge,

To accompany the Clipit Quattro clipper there is a range of Titanium clipper blades.

What is so special about Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades?

Highly resistant to corrosion and heat.
Clipit Quattro Titanium Clipper Blades

Unlike most clipper blades that are made from stainless steel, our clipper blades are made from titanium steel which are highly resistant to corrosion and stay cool and sharper for longer.

Titanium is known for two properties, corrosion resistant and strength to density ratio. One of the most common uses for Titanium is in the aerospace and marine industries because of its corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater environments where corrosion due to chlorine is a concern. Its superb water and chemical resistance is why we have created a state of the art clipper blade for the future. Our Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades will stay sharper and cooler for longer than a standard stainless steel blade will. All our blades are easy to fit, by just popping on and off the clipper head. The blade system is unique to this clipper and will not fit other brands of clippers.

What is the difference between Titanium and Stainless Steel Clipper Blades?

The main difference between titanium and stainless steel blades is simply stainless steel is an alloy metal while titanium is a metal. Titanium is always more expensive than stainless steel, making it more cost-effective. Therefore, when keeping costs low stainless steel is deemed more suitable. We believe in quality, durability and biocompatibility, allowing us to provide dog groomers, vets, horse grooms and avid pet owners with products that are going to work! Blades that are available in this range: #40 Coming soon! #30 Coming soon! #10 leaves the hair 1.5mm #7F leaves the hair 3.2mm #5F leaves the hair 6.4mm #4F leaves the hair 9.6mm #3F leaves the hair 13mm

How to look after the Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades.

Titanium is superb at resisting corrosion and heat resisting, however like any metal to metal surface it will create friction especially when the blades are running at 8,000 SPM. To help with the resistance, let's give your blades some help with the Clipit Easy Oil Spray. Spray every few minutes with the blades running while clipping, after cleaning, and before going into storage. When you've finished clipping, give the blade and clipper a brush off and remove all hair. Use Ice Care Spray over the blade to remove grease and coat build-up. Dry and then store.

MRSP Clipit Quattro Clipper £175.00, Blades start from £44.15

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