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Clipping Tips: How to get your clippers to run smoothly through a coat.

To master the ease of handling your clippers can take months, even years. If you watch any professional dog groomer that has been grooming for years, it will soon be apparent that their clipper cuts through hair, like a knife through butter!

Fast forward a few years of practice, and quite a few dogs clipped, you should be able to make any dog look amazing.

Here are a few tips to help with your speed when it comes to a simple doggie hair cut:

  • Always invest in the fastest, most durable clipper. The faster the machine, the quicker the blade, the better the haircut. But don't forget to oil the blades as they will heat up quicker.

  • When you start to use a set of clippers on a dog, always remember you go with the grain of hair. If you reverse clip, the result will be two lengths shorter than clipping with the natural lay of the coat.

  • If you are using a #7f,#4f or #5f you will need to go over the coat several times to achieve the correct finish.

  • Always allow the clipper to do the cutting. Never force the clipper through the coat and make sure your strokes overlap one another. You don't want to leave long hairs behind.

  • When clipping legs remember part of the blade will not touch the leg surface. So you will need to go over that area a few times to achieve the right length.

Depending on the required length, always start your clip with a skip-tooth blade. That way it will take off the initial rough coat, allowing you to save you "F" blade to do the final finish.

For any new groomer learning to handle a set of clippers can be frustrating. Once you have mastered it and how to work the coat, there will be no stopping you.

Do you have any questions about clippers or clipper blades? Want to know which blade to use to get the correct length? Drop us a comment in the box below and we will get back to you soon.


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