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Clipit Quattro Clipper and Charging - Do's and Dont's

Charging the Do's and Dont's
The Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper

Now you have bought the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper, you must not forget to read the instruction manual that can be found inside the box.

Charging the unit correctly will give your clipper a longer life. If however you over cook the clipper battery with charging, your clipper won't last quite as long. So here are a few tips...


When you get your new clipper, chances are it will have a full charge, by how much we are unsure. The clever power function on the hand piece will tell you. If you find the unit is not fully charged, take off the blade and let the clipper run until the battery is below 20%. Place the clipper into the charging unit, and start the initial charge, it will take about 3 hours. Once the power function says it is 100% charged, turn the charging unit off from the mains.

In the event that the unit is continuously charged, you stand the chance of over cooking the Lithium - ion battery causing cell damage.

Using the clipper

Now your clipper is up and running and you finish using it for the day, what should you do with it now? Unless there is less that 20% charge left in the hand piece do not place it into the plugged in charging unit. Replacing the handset back into the charging unit after short runs where the battery doesn't have the charge depleted, is what causes "memory" in your clipper. The Lithium - ion battery inside the hand set is designed to let the clipper run for a long time. However if you find you are half way through a dog and the clipper stops working because the battery is flat, just plug in the mains lead and you can finish the job.

The supplied electric lead is about 2 metres in length, so it is capable to provide corded clipping as well as cordless.

Charging Unit
Clipit Quattro Clipper

Helpful Tips for charging the Clipit Quattro Clipper

  1. The clipper can be charged from the cord or the charging unit.

  2. Never leave the power cord hooked up into the mains once fully charged.

  3. Never leave the hand set in the charging unit fully charged, hooked-up to the mains.

  4. Only charge the unit when it is less than 20%

  5. Only charge it long enough to get it fully charged

Follow these simple instructions, so you get the most out of your Quattro Cordless Clipper.


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