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Clipit's Guide to Dog Grooming and Staying Cool and Safe in Hot Weather.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

It look's like for the next few weeks the temperature is going to rise, and that means your grooming salon and mobile grooming van is going to get rather hot. So to avoid problems, we've put together a guide that will help you.

Grooming from a mobile van

Grooming from a van can get extremely hot during the summer, especially if your van is not new and up to date. A majority of grooming vans don't have a lot of head room, which doesn't allow for the air to circulate. High heat can cause discomfort to both you and the dog, so it's imperative to try and keep cool at all times.

To keep air circulating in your vehicle why not place a mountable oscillating fan that can run of a 12V plug. With a 360 degree rotating head, this fan is ideal for inside a grooming van or travelling with pets. Fix to a window or wall with the aid of a suction cup and control it with its 2 speed motor. Its diameter is 4.5" and it comes with a 4.5 metre cable, which can be plugged into the front of the vehicle and mounted at the back.

It's getting hot in here

As we have spoken about numerous times, dog hair is a hazard and when the mercury increases, dog hair seems to be a larger problem than when it's cooler.

Grooming in a crop top and shorts is not a great image. Always stick to hair resistant fabric, and ensure the garment is loose and on the bigger size. Recently we launched our New grooming jacket, the Clipit Vented Cutting Jacket. Cool never looked so cool until this on trend cutting jacket came to the grooming and barbering market.

Made from lightweight hair resistant material, this short sleeved jacket features a full length intelligent Cool Vent System in the back, so when the heat rises in the salon, this unisex jacket will keep you cool and hair free.
The Clipit Vented Cutting Jacket

Keeping the air clean and cool

If you are lucky to have an air conditioning unit, well done you. But if your budget does not stretch that far, check out the Clipit Cooling Cube.

This cube is the perfect solution for keeping you and your salon cool. It is very easy and simple to use and features variable air speed through four directional adjustable air vents. In addition you can remove one of the vents and attach a flexi duct hose for more directional cooling. Thanks to this cooling unit it also has a low power draw so you can run it from a hand power pack, 12volt cigarette lighter or the mains.

It is an evaporative air cooler which means it uses tap water or ice cubes to reduce the temperature by 45%, thats 30 degrees down to 16 degrees cool filtered air.


Lots can be done to prevent problems, due to the heat! Preparation is important, whether you are a mobile dog groomer or you work from a unit at the bottom of your garden. The heat poses a problem to both you and the dogs, so it's good practice to make sure everything is ready for when the summer arrives. Here are a few additional areas to be mindful off.

  • Don't forget to check the heat of your salon,

  • Both you and the dogs drink plenty of fluid,

  • Be aware of heat exhaustion,

  • Don't wear flip flops on your feet,

  • Set the dryers to cool heat,

  • Don't use cabinet dryers.


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