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Health Concerns being a Groomer

Updated: Feb 16

Grooming dogs come with its own hazards that all pet groomers should be conscious of. They range from getting scratched and bitten from the dog, carpal tunnel from scissoring, shoulder/hip/knee and back injuries from standing and lifting dogs into the bath and on to the grooming table, and then there is the dog hair and Groomers Lung.

Pet Groomers should carefully manage their weight, be conscious they don't get too stressed and look after their skin. Whether you're working in a salon or in a grooming van, most of the working areas are small confined spaces. This in its own right will put stress on your body.

Short term biggest problems will be with aches and pains, mainly in your back. You should always take care of your back and try and avoid picking dogs up, either into the bath or onto the grooming table. We would highly recommend our Groomer Back Support that is made from 900D durable foam that moulds and contours to your lower back for greater comfort when lifting. It also has horizontal lumbar pads that fill the gap in the back to support the natural curve of the spine for added support and comfort throughout long periods of standing.

Having a grooming table that is high enough will help prevent you stooping over all day. It is also imperative that you wear good comfortable supporting footwear. Wearing the wrong shoes will put further stress on your back, so consider placing a pair of Gel Insoles into your footwear. These insoles provide excellent comfort and offer cushioning and shock absorption support for the feet, and lessens the stress on joints and ligaments in the foot.

Groomers get injuries by grooming too many dogs in one day, grooming dogs that are too big for one person to handle and working too many hours so their muscles don't have time to recover.

Long term lung problems and hearing issues are a widespread areas of concern, so always wear a mask over your face and ear defenders to block our the noise from the blaster. Goggles and a face mask are a good idea to help prevent the absorption of dog hair. The Clipit Goggle and Visor can be worn to help prevent hair going into your eyes and mouth. If you want a double layer of protection, wear a 4 ply Respirator Mask underneath. These masks are amazing, you can wash them a couple of times before they need the bin.

How do groomers handle difficult dogs?

To prevent hearing loss when using a blaster, wear a set of lightweight Ear Defenders from us. Reasonably priced at £6.50, it's better to have them, and not to loose your hearing.

Your hands always take a battering when they are in and out of water. Many groomers suffer with eczema and dermatitis, mainly because of the shampoo they use. It's always advisable to apply a barrier or cream before and after use. The Hand Medic cream that we supply repairs, rough, dry, sore skin to help restore a healthy appearance.

So remember, it's not just how groomers deal with difficult dogs, it's also about how groomers look after themselves. Please make sure you and your colleagues stay safe in the salon by sharing this blog with others.


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