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How to control shedding dog hair.

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

The one thing always guaranteed with dog grooming, is the deshedding season that comes around twice a year.

Shedding season happens in the spring and then in the autumn, when the natural process of shedding old coats for new growth starts to come through. The hair cycle happens every 21 days, whereby dead cells on the surface of the skin need to be removed, and the only way of removing them is by bathing the dog.

As a groomer we often rely on liquid products and tools to remove the excess hair, but many groomers shy away from using a conditioner after bathing as it can change the structure of the coat, making it soft and fly-away. With correct conditioning the hair does not matt so quickly. It also caps the suspicious gland, and helps prevent the doggie odour returning quickly, plus it further conditions the skin.

Here are a few helpful tips to help you work smarter when controlling shedding dog hair.

Step #1. As soon as the dog walks through the door, spray them with the Clipping Coat Oil from Clipit Grooming. This helps to release the matts and loosens the coat.

Step #2 Use a high velocity blaster on the dog first before popping into the bath. Start from the back and work forwards to help loosen the hair from the skin follicle.

Step # 3. Mix a little of the coat oil into Clipit De-Shed Shampoo and apply to the coat. Leave the product on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Clipit De-Shed Shampoo

Step #3. Blow the dog completely dry.

Always invest in good equipment. The Clipit Hand Groomer gloves have soft rubber nodes on the fingers that allows the hair to come out of the follicle. Rubber is very skin and coat friendly, it helps prevent sore red skin. These gloves are so comfortable to wear, they help produce an invigorating massage for the dog when he is in the bath.

Always remember when de-shedding a dog always wear the appropriate face covering. The best recommendation is the Clipit Goggle and Visor.

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