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How to select the Perfect Workwear for your Dog Grooming Salon

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

First impressions matter, and you want your customers to trust you with their pet the second they walk through the door.

Having a smart and stylish uniform is imperative to give your business the professional edge.

To get the balance right, choose a hair resistant, practical design with additional benefits such as a high neckline, long sleeves, zips and contrasting piping. Alternatively, why not select a Clipit suit all-in-one with the available fun colours?

Ready to get started? Here are several things that you need to take into consideration for choosing the perfect dog grooming uniform.


First and foremost, the fabric of your grooming workwear is in incredibly important for many reasons. A uniform is thoroughly put through its paces each and everyday, so it needs to be constructed in durable, hair resistant long lasting fabric.


Another factor to consider when picking the perfect dog grooming uniform is size and shape. Your chosen workwear should fit and flatter all shaped and sizes. Our range of workwear are true to fit so we always recommend going up a size to allow you to layer underneath.

Colour At Clipit we have a number of different colours available:

-Black with burgundy piping -Cornflower blue with pink piping

-Navy with silver piping

-Purple with pink piping

-Navy with pink piping

Choosing a colour for your dog grooming workwear depends on a number of factors

  1. Logo Consider your logo as this impacts on the colour choice of your grooming workwear, especially if you would like to add your logo on your garment. We can offer you full personalisation to make your business stand out and look great.

  2. Choosing Salon Type The type of grooming business you run - salon stylist, mobile grooming - can sometimes limit your selection. If you work in a warm salon, one of our most popular lines a dog groomer may choose is a Daisy Grooming Shirt with the combination of a pair of Clipit Cargo Trousers. If you work in a mobile grooming van, then these tends to be colder, so the choice would be the Clipit suit. Regardless of the type of business, you need to consider what is suitable for your grooming requirements, in order to ensure your workwear stays as fresh as possible. This could include purchasing the Clipit Waterproof Apron.

Conclusion No matter what style or colour you decide upon. Clipit has the right hair resistant uniform for you. And, with over 30 years of experience in the dog grooming industry, we know where to get the very best material from trusted manufacturers. If you would like to discuss the perfect workwear for your salon contact us on 07508 188437

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