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Stay Dry with a Clipit Dog Grooming Waterproof Apron

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Did you get drenched in dirty bath water when you last washed a dog only to find yourself covered in loose dirty dog hair? Having the proper grooming protective uniform makes a high difference in making you more comfortable and presentable to your customers.

Having the best practical workwear you’ll discover grooming pets easier and less messy than before with a Clipit Waterproof Apron, as it offers protection against chafing and rashes, it also gives you the option to remove the long elasticated sleeves.

Clipit Grooming offers dog grooming aprons for professional dog groomers, horse grooms and pet owners in a wide selection of styles and designs. If your typical grooming outfit is a v- neck tunic and a pair of leggings, then you’re in for a dirty, damp messy day. With a Clipit Waterproof Apron you start dry, hair free and comfortable. So when you go home you are as fresh as the day started.

At Clipit Grooming we specially design all our grooming workwear with your dog grooming needs in mind.

- Comfort: Manufactured from the best quality nylon, polyester and cotton materials to ensure durability and allow for free movement throughout the day.

- Style: Our designs are practical and resilient.

- Quality: All our workwear is made for durability, featuring strong stitching.

- Cost: We believe in offering our customers the highest quality waterproof aprons at the best possible price.

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