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Groom of the Year 2020 goes to....

This week the coveted award "Groom of the Year 2020" by

in conjunction with Absorbine was awarded. Previous winners of this award have gone to:

- 2019: Amy Philips, groom to Piggy French - 2018: Jane Felton, groom to Jonty Evans

- 2017: E-J Eldridge, yard manager at Stallions AI Breeding Centre

- 2016: Alan Davies, groom to Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin

Due to Covid-19 the awards this year were by a virtual ceremony on December 10th, with guests joining from around the world.

The competition was tough to include Helen Horton, Show Groom for Richard Ramsey, Jaydene McGourtey who works for Luke Baber-Davies Dressage, Apple Ingleton, groom to Craig Messenger and Amelia Jay Sanderson who is a freelance groom, who started work at Talland School of Equitation under the Scholarship scheme.

Lucky for us, the very talented Amelia Jay Sanderson took the award and Clipit Grooming is very proud to have her as a endorser of our products.

Amelia's choice of protective workwear - the Clipit Suit is a favourite product in her grooming kit, keeping her clean and tidy, free from horse hair and dirt.

Amelia says, " I can 100% recommend the Clipit suit, that's why I have two! I don't just wear it for clipping, I wear it for mucking out and also for plaiting and trimming as they are so comfortable and the handy pockets are great"

If you would like to find our more about The Clipit Suit please click here

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