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New ..The Clipit Hand Groomer

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The first tool that you should reach for when removing dirt, scurf, and dead hair is the Clipit Hand Groomer. These comfortable grooming gloves with soft bendable rubber nodules work best for removing loose hairs with your hand as well as massaging the skin.

Too many people buy a stiff currycomb or de-shedding rake and then cannot use it hard enough to do any good or else they drive the animal to rebellion at the intense discomfort.

The best way to use the hand groomer is to scrub in a circular or side to side motion and in the sensitive areas a light rubbing action will offer a soothing massage.Knock the two gloves together and the loose hair and scurf will fall out.

The Clipit Hand Groomer is a handy tool for using when bathing your horse or dog. The rubber nodules penetrate the coat when shampoo is applied and helps remove any dead skin and undercoat.

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