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How to store your clipping gear

After you have clipped, its tempting to throw all your equipment in the shed or tack room with little thought. Many of us have been guilty of it! But you'll regret it when your next clipping session is needed and you pull out your gear to find it's corroded-even worse it's damaged!

That's why you should take the time to clean and store your clipping equipment properly. We'll concede its not the most fun job, but its definitely worth the time and effort. To help we've pulled together our top tips.

  1. Make sure you clean your clipper blades. If you don't, you'll be met with some nasty surprises when you pull everything out next time.

  2. Make sure everything is hair free! With a soft bristle brush, remove all the hair.

Use Storage

Don't worry you're nearly there! Its time to store your clipping equipment away. But before throwing everything into the most convenient empty space, consider using some form of storage. Storage containers are really handy, as you can easily group things together. For items like clipper blades, a hard case is a great way to keeping them damp free and organised. For your clippers the hard Clipper Case is a great sturdy box that keeps your clippers safe.

This will help you keep everything organised, which might not feel like a priority but you'll appreciate it when you're preparing for your next clip.

Make sure everything is hair free We've just mentioned about keeping everything hair free, but we can't emphasise enough how important it is. If you don't you'll be greeted by a clipper and blades that you won't be able to be used straight away because of corrosion. Clippers that aren't cleaned after use will attract moisture, moisture and hair deteriorates the clipper armature and motor.

So, before storing your clipping equipment away, make sure the filter, clipper head and clipper blades are clean and free from hair.

Think about what you might need Have you stored your equipment away only to realise you need them a few months down the line?

That's why before storing anything, you should think which items you're most likely need if you are trimming your horse instead of a full clip........ and what needs replacing.

Over time, clipping gear can become worn out or damaged. So now's the perfect time to assess what might need replacing and whether its a new bottle of blade wash that is needed.

You'll find everything that you need over at Clipit Grooming.

Store in a cool, dry place

That's all the hard work done, now you can store everything away.

Try to store somewhere that's cool, dry and away from direct sunlight. Tack rooms can be very humid or cold, which is not ideal for your equipment. And don't forget your Clipit suit also needs to be washed and stored away in a cool dry place. Its not advisable to keep it in the boot of your car.

You want to enjoy clipping, you want Clipit.

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