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If Your a Pet Owner you need this apron-to stop ruining your clothes

Pet hair is a pain for any pet owner. There is nothing worse when you put on your best clothes, to look down and find you are covered in hair.

Depending on the garment you are wearing, certain textiles attract pet hair more so than others. Brisk Pets have written an excellent article on 7 Types of Material That are Incredible against pet hair.

However that does not resolve the issue permanently, but having The Clipit Protective Apron does. This unique dog grooming apron is flexible, allowing good movement and is

easy to pop on, before bathing or grooming your pet. It has a high neck with detachable sleeves, so it won't allow hair to penetrate onto your clothes.

Lightweight and breathable, it's comfortable and your temperature is regulated. Having a Clipit Protective Apron in your grooming kit provides you with great protection, as you will be hair free.

The way we have designed this dog grooming apron, it offers full protection should you want to groom your pet on your lap. Pet grooming is a messy job with hairs getting everywhere, but a clean, smart specially designed apron will keep you looking fresh and clean. We have made this apron in a generous size, measuring 44" length, and a adjustable collar 15 -17". Click here to see more.

The Clipit Protective Apron is made from a durable silky nylon. I hear you cry, what do you class as durable in a garment?

Consumable studies have shown that durability or serviceability (i.e acceptable or reasonable wear life) is one of the main requirements for clothing, along with ease-of-care performance, elegance and comfort.

Durability is a measure of the reasonable wear life of a product and is the consequence of a number of factors which reduce the serviceability of a product to include bending, stretching, rubbing, laundering and cleaning.

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