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How Durable is The Clipit Suit?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Put through the test, time and time again, The Clipit Suit has never let me down.

They are the words from "Leah of Classy Clips of Galway, Ireland". She's written a testimonial for The Clipit Suit confirming after 3 seasons of clipping, she can honestly say its been nothing short of life changing!

I hear you cry well, what do you class as durable in a garment?

Consumable studies have shown that durability or serviceability (i.e acceptable or reasonable wear life) is one of the main requirements for clothing, along with ease-of-care performance, elegance and comfort.

Durability is a measure of the reasonable wear life of a product and is the consequence of a number of factors which reduce the serviceability of a product to include bending, stretching, rubbing, laundering and cleaning.

The Clipit Suit is deceptively flexible, it allows you to twist, crouch and turn to those hard to reach areas! Leah was really surprised and extremely impressed with the suits durability even after wearing it day in and day out for 3 seasons. I have used the Clipit Suit for the past 3 seasons of clipping and I can honestly say it's been nothing short of life changing for me!

Instead of having to worry about ruining clothes, the Clipit Suit keeps me hair free, and stops my clothes from being ruined underneath. And even more importantly I'm not itching the whole way home!

Fabric durability and wear performance are deterred by the fabric you use. Laundering can account for as much as 50% of the abrasion damage in worn fabrics. The Clipit Suit has been developed and manufactured in a hard wearing hi- tech repellent fabric. We have done everything possible to protect the areas that attract hard wear to include a covered zip. To find out more on how to care for your Clipit Suit, please click here.

"I think the suit is great and everyone always think's its a great job and looks professional when I wear it! Leah Lawson of Classy Clips, Galway.

Grooming doesn't need to be messy, so getting your image right will help you to encourage your clients to come back. Looking good whilst wearing smart uniform will always give the impression you are a professional at work. Click here to read more...

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