Why is the Clipit Suit so good at repelling hair?

If you have ever clipped horses or dogs, you will know that animal hair is very penetrating to the skin. Wearing the wrong textiles can contribute to attracting more hair to your clothes, making it very uncomfortable and unbearable to work. The Clipit suit is the brainchild of Paula Bryan, who came up with the concept after using heavy boiler type suits or decorators all-in-ones that use to split, as soon as you put your leg in.

The design was created with dog groomers and horse clippers in mind. Made from a polyester mixed fabric, the suit protects even against the most coarse of hair. Stylish in design the suit provides a hi-neck to stop errant hairs from entering, elasticated wrists and zipped legs for ease of putting on.

The front zip is covered to stop wear, which you find on other garments can be an issue, especially if you are leaning against a grooming table daily. The suit offers plenty of pockets for storing pet treats, your phone and keys, and with a wide waist band it makes it really comfortable to wear.

The repellent material that the Clipit suit is made from is also very durable, lightweight and breathable. Making it the ideal choice for wearing in either the winter with layers underneath or the summer with no layers.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, the suit can be placed inside the storage bag provided. We would recommend all velcro is closed before washing and then air dried.

For more information on the Clipit suit, please watch this video.

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