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It all started with The Clipit Suit.

Updated: 7 days ago

If you have ever clipped horses or dogs, you will know that clipped animal hair resembles wooden splinters and when it gets onto your skin or in your clothes, it can make you very itchy, sore and uncomfortable. Wearing the wrong textile for clipping will attract hair; some textiles are worse than others with wool, cotton, polyester, and fleece avoided at all costs when clipping.

For years, the only protective garments that grooms would wear were the heavy farmer/boiler type suits that were made with poly/cotton. Besides being very heavy, they would make you sweat and hair would stick to it resembling barbed wire. Then came along the one time use, disposable painters suit. Made from paper they soon split and hair would still penetrate through.

So with all this in mind, and having to clip her own horses, Paula Bryan came up with the concept of an all-in-one grooming suit that would provide total hair protection. The suit was developed to allow dog groomers and horse grooms to finish clipping, step out of the suit and continue with their day.

Made from a polyester hair resistant mixed fabric, the suit protects even against the most coarse of hair. Stylish in design, the hi-neck stops errant hairs going down the front, the long elasticated sleeves protect the arms and the leg zips enables you to step out with you taking off your boots.

There is a front covered zip to prevent wear and plenty of pockets for storing pet treats, your phone and keys. The suit sits comfortably on your hips, thanks to the wide waist band, that helps the suit stay in place when you need to get in those awkward positions.

Durable, lightweight and breathable you can wear layers underneath in the winter months and then just your underwear in the summer months.

Machine washable at 30 degrees, the suit is the ultimate garment for hair protection.

For more information on the Clipit suit, please watch this video.

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