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Our Daisy Grooming Shirt by Clipit

Updated: Oct 12

One of our most popular hair resistant tunics here at Clipit is our Daisy Grooming shirt which has style at its centre, with key features that would look good in any grooming environment.

One of the stand out features of the Daisy Tunic is its elegant asymmetric collar adorned with a shimmering pink metallic trim. Asymmetric collars have a timeless trend which makes for a Truelove flattering, elegant and professional dog grooming uniform.

As well as having a serious fashion inspiration, this grooming tunic is highly practical when protecting against hair penetration. This fabric is composed of 100% polyester, which works extremely well against errant animal hair. It is also easy to care for. Simply wash at 30 degrees or on a synthetic setting. No ironing it required.

Styling the Daisy Tunic

Ideal for those working in the dog grooming industry our Clipit Daisy Tunic can be styled in several ways. Firstly, to complete the look we would advise pairing the Daisy Tunic with a pair of Clipit Cargo Trousers. Matching colour you are sure to create a comfortable, sleek and smart dog grooming uniform.

For the colder months why not try a layered look by wearing the Clipit Baselayer underneath.

Other stylish additions would be matching a face mask, this could be in a black colour or a pattern that compliments the tunic.

To browse our full hair resistant range, simply visit by clicking here.

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