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How To Care For Your Scissor

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Maintaining your scissor properly will put life back into your cutting. For every good scissor you will need a good reputable skilled sharpening company to keep your scissors sharp and maintained.

Most scissors require sharpening every 3 - 6 months depending on how they are looked after. Sending your scissors to an inexperienced engineer can result in damage. Convex and bevel edge scissors, are angled differently and should be sharpened appropriately to the correct angle or better still polished. Am inexperienced engineer or a person who does not have the correct equipment could destroy your scissors.

That is why you should send your scissors to Clipit Grooming, because we have years of experience when sharpening dog grooming scissors and hairdressing scissors.

What are the factors that make a good scissor? Grooming scissors are very personal and can be addictive, ask any Master Groomer to show you their collection!

With scissor purchasing along comes a mind daunting offering which can be very difficult for a newbie and a established groomer to understand. In this guide we try to make scissor information easy to follow with valued advice for when you go buying.

​To facts that makes a good dog grooming scissor, click here A convex edge has a tendency to nick and dull faster than a bevel version, especially if they are dropped. Where as the bevel version is more durable but is not as smooth as the convex. If you are finding your scissors are under performing, or they feel sloppy, then that is the time to send them off for maintenance.

Your scissors need sharpening and servicing when: - The scissor pushes the hair - The scissor pulls the hair - The scissor is dropped - The scissor stop is missing - The scissor catches at the tip - The tension nut or screw won’t stay tight

- The scissor is used with more thumb pressure Scissors should be sanitised and oiled at the end of grooming. Convex edges need to be oiled more frequently than bevel edge. Always store your scissors in a safe place when not in use. Never throw your scissors into a draw unprotected.

Watch out for corrosion. Hair is porous and will always hold moisture even after drying the coat. When finished always clean with Clipit Ice Care Spray and lubricate the scissor screw with Clipit Easi Oil.

If you want to Save Money and Time with using the correct blade maintenance products, click here to find out more.

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