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Caring for your Clipit Suit

A question we get asked a lot here at Clipit Grooming "Is how best to look after your Clipit Suit". Here we take a look at the importance of animal professionals having the right protective work wear, some tips for getting the most out of your Clipit suit, whilst maintaining safety at all times.

Working in a animal care setting demands work wear to be durable, reliable and comfortable and capable of working as hard as you do. We understand when you tell us it's imperative for you to look professional, it helps to reassure your customers that they are dealing with someone who cares about their pet. Here at Clipit Grooming we provide unique hard wearing designs that we have developed from our years in the animal care industry.

The Veterinary Nurse Advice is clear when it comes to best uniforms and work wear and their role in infection control. Many veterinary nurses concern is that their uniform could be mistaken for someone who works in a supermarket instead of a professional animal carer.

The way you dress is an important influence on people's overall perception of you and the standard of care you are providing for their pet.

The question you ask.. "Do I NEED to wash at 60oC?

There are a couple of options when it comes to washing your Clipit Suit.

If the garment is being worn in a domestic purpose, then the ideal washing temperature is 30oC.

If the garment is being worn in a veterinary environment, then we recommend it should be washed at 60oC.

Transporting the Clipit Suit Travelling in personal clothes, transporting your suit, and changing at your place of work is likely to be the most common practices for animal care workers. Many animal care workers like dog groomers, freelance horse grooms and veterinary nurses work in small confined areas. Moving from one place to another is the norm for animal care workers, so the best way to transport your garment is by placing it in the Clipit storage bag that it comes with. We always recommend it should be cleaned daily, and not left in a vehicle over night.

The material we use in the manufacture of The Clipit suit is a negative charged nylon. By leaving it overnight in a vehicle is like leaving it in a greenhouse, the heat charges the material. You find it then attracts hair, instead of repelling.

Knowing how best to care for your Clipit Suit not only helps you, it also helps you feel comfortable on those long days as well as saving you money in the long run as you get more life out of your work wear.

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