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Click Here To Vote For Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper in Product of the Year.

We are proud to announce that Clipit has been nominated for the Product of the Year award at the 2023 International Grooming Conference. We are honoured to have been nominated in this category and would love your help in winning the award!

Liz Paul Achievement Award
Clipit Quattro Clipper-Vote for Product of the Year

In honour of the late Liz Paul, an internationally acclaimed dog groomer who inspired many other dog groomers to compete and fulfil their potential, the achievement award will proudly recognise the people within the dog grooming industry who have shown sheer excellence in many different ways.

In this year's Product of the Year award, Clipit has been nominated for the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper. Please do some amazing appreciation by voting for it before the closing date of 31st October 2023.

The winning nomination will be awarded on the night of the gala dinner, and it would mean a lot to be recognised in this way. Fingers crossed for us on the night!

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