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Why do clipper blades get hot?

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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One of the most talked about topics in the grooming industry, is why do clipper blades get hot? A subject that is rarely taught at grooming college level, is the maintenance of grooming equipment to include care and lubrication of clipper blades. If you are experiencing this with your clipper blades, continue to read this article to further educate yourself on blade lubrication.

So why do clipper blades get hot?

The biggest reason why clipper blades heat up fast, is because there is a lack of lubrication. Over the years clippers have increased in speed to provide a better finish at the same time to take coat off faster. But as groomers are experiencing, the faster the clipper runs, the quicker the blades heat up.

Back 20 years ago most clippers ran at a mere 2000 spm (strokes per minute) but nowadays the average clipper can run as fast as 8000 spm. Imagine a sewing machine bobbing up and down, threading the cotton through the material, this is the same principle that a clipper blade cuts through hair.

A majority of clipper blades are made of stainless steel and comprise of two metal parts.

  1. A top cutter

  2. A sole plate

As the top cutter passes over the sole plate, it cuts the hair. Depicting on the speed of the clipper will determine what speed the top cutter runs at. As the top cutter swipes over the sole plate, the metal heats up and expands and without oil will cause the blade to heat up very quickly.

What is better Stainless Steel blades or Titanium Blades?

Stainless steel is an alloy metal, where Titanium is a true metal. Titanium blades are always more expensive than stainless steel, with so many more benefits that the lesser grade stainless steel version. One of the most common uses for Titanium is in the aerospace and marine industries because of its corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater environments where corrosion due to chlorine is a concern.

Stainless Steel blades

  • Corrode easily

  • Heat up quickly

  • Life span of 12 sharpens

  • Hard to tension

Titanium blades

  • Non corrosive

  • Stay cool for longer

  • More durable

  • Self tensioned

  • Stay sharper for longer

The best Titanium blades available are the Quattro Titanium blades from Clipit. Durable, hard wearing, corrosion resistant, state of art clipper blades, that accompany the Clipit Quattro cordless clipper are highly desirable for cool clipping, removing added blade weight, providing a fabulous smooth finish, and removing additional maintenance costs.

What product should I use to lubricate my blades?

It is hard to use a product that offers 5 -1 purposes from a single product, when trying to keep your blades cool.

Always have two separate products, one for oiling and another for cleaning, and never use a lubrication such as WD40 or a spray coolant. These products will only cause friction and heat and pet dander will stick to the blades.

The easiest way to help with the blade heat is to have a can of Easy Oil on your grooming table. While you are clipping, just spray your blades every few minutes to keep your blades running smoothly.

What are the benefits of Easy Oil?

  • Won't leave an oily track in the coat

  • Saves time from having to stop, use on the go

  • Made with rapeseed oil, ideal for sensitive skin

  • A quicker more comprehensive means

  • Professional grade

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