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Buying Clippers,Clipper Blades and How to Clean them.

Updated: Feb 16

Buying a clipper for your business or personal use can be quite daunting, especially if its your first time clipping. In order to determine which clipper is the right one, it comes down to either personal choice or recommendations. As there are so many styles and designs, it can be very over whelming.

Then keeping on top of cleaning your clippers and clipper blades clean will determine the life span of your equipment. It is good practice for anyone that clips to make sure clipper blades and clippers are cleaned and oiled after every time they are used. So here are a few tips when buying a clipper and clipper blades, and keeping them clean.

If your are a dog groomer, most salons are constantly presented with dogs that have not seen a brush from one week to another. If you have your own dog, the best advice is to start with a really clean coat. For the animal's welfare, the easiest way to shift a matted coat is by taking it all off with a set of good clippers. Professional, durable dog clippers are typically more robust than buying a clipper from a pet store. However, whatever clipper you use, you should always take good care, by maintaining it well.

Clippers have got faster and faster, and as every professional groomer would tell you, the faster the machine, the quicker the coat comes off, with a better finish. However, it is not always speed that wins the day, it comes down to technique. Allowing your clipper to run through the coat with no pressure will give you a better finish. It will also protect your machine from friction and overheating. Friction can wear your clipper blade very quickly, that is why clipper manufacturers over the years have tried new steels and coatings on blades to reduce friction and heat.

Clippers can be one of the costliest investments that you will make. Having a good, regular maintenance routine will save you pounds and extend the life of your clipper, as it only takes a few minutes after every use to maintain them.

Cleaning your clipper

Firstly you should always read the manufacturer's warranty and instructions on your new clipper. This handy recommendation could help save the life of your dog clipper. One area that is never discussed is the maintenance of all equipment, including clippers and clipper blades. By reading the instructions it will give you guided details on how to maintain the clipper and its consumable parts.

Hair and grease are unavoidable when clipping. Static within the hair structure is attracted to nylon and plastic. As you clip, hair is sucked into the clipper and it sits around the moving parts and can cause serious damage, eventually effecting the performance of your clipper.

  1. Remove the clipper blade and brush off the excess hair from the inside of where the clipper blade attaches.

  2. If the clipper has a filter, remove and brush out the excess hair. Place the filter into soapy water and scrub the filter. Leave to dry and then replace.

  3. If you have a professional A5 style clipper, it is advised the blade drive assembly is replaced every 6 months, depending on the use.

  4. Lastly, check the lead. They are prone to breakage if they have been stepped on, or accidentally pulled

Always remember, a well maintained clipper can and will break down that is why a back up clipper is always recommended.

When researching for the right equipment, do not buy a trimmer if you intend to clip all over the body. Trimmers are designed to trim small difficult areas like pads, ears and around eyes, but don't forget trimmers need as much attention as the larger robust clippers. When looking to buy a trimmer, always look for a model that the blade can come off easily. This will allow you to remove the blade and brush out excess hair. As with clippers, trimmers also need cleaning and oiling frequently as the blades tend to be very short, so the top and bottom cutter are closer together, which means the blade gets tighter quicker and causes friction and so over heats.

Buying Clipper Blades

Most clipper blades are made from hardened stainless steel, so they can be ground to a sharp edge. Over time, this can make them brittle, and if dropped, teeth can break off. Do not attempt to use a blade that has lost a tooth, otherwise you could have a nasty accident.

Always ensure you clip with sharp blades because dull blades won't get the job done, nor would it be pleasant for the dog. A dull blade will drag through the coat, slow down your work day and will produce an awful finish besides the fact they can cause skin irritation and damage the skin and coat.

Cleaning your Clipper Blades

Dog hair can be very coarse, and if your blades are not looked after properly, they will blunt very quickly. Leaving hair and dirt on the cutting edges will soon decay and corrode the blade, so it is essential after every use, your clipper blades are cleaned with Ice Care spray, oiled and stored in a dry environment.

If you leave a build-up of hair between the cutting blades, this can cause a further "rounding" off the cutting rails. So, it is essential that every 5 minutes, you stop clipping and brush off any excess hair from your clipper blade and spray with a lubricant, something like Easy Oil.

A rule of thumb, if you clean and oil your blades every time you use them ,a dog blade will last between 10-12 weeks before re-grounding if you are clipping 5 dogs per day.

The anatomy of the clipper blade
Where to Oil your Clipper Blade

How do I get around having to send my clipper blades away to be re-sharpened?

Most design of clipper blades available today are based on the Oster A5 style. All manufacturer's of clipper blades have copied their brand on this style. However, the A5 style of blade does come with several industry problems, and as a groomer, we have all come to accept it.

A5 Style Blade Problems

- Heat up quickly

- Tensioning is troublesome, even on new blades

- Will need re-sharpening every 12 weeks (based on 5 dogs per day)

- Corrosion and pitting on blade surface

- Blade rattle after some time

However there is good news!

In July 2022, we launched the Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper for the professional dog groomer and avid pet owner. In a short period of time, groomers are calling it the "Game Changer" because it offers so many benefits when it comes to clipping. Here are just a few:

Benefits of using the Clipit Quattro Clipper.

  • The cool running titanium #10 clipper blade runs at a constant 8,000 SPM from a brushless motor,

  • A 3 hour charge delivers 6 hours constant clipping,

  • Can be used cordless or corded,

  • Extremely lightweight, weighing in at 254 grams,

  • Super slimline ergonomic design hand piece,

  • Power indicator function.

One of the many features of this super cordless clipper is that it only weighs 254 grams, making it the ideal choice for avoiding hand and arm fatigue. Included in with the clipper is a #10 titanium clipper blade that is designed to provide a 1.5mm cutting length. Ideally you would use this blade for a short cut, around heads, pads and ears, but a unique feature, you can also fit the Wahl Metal Attachment Combs to this blade to get a larger range of cutting lengths.

Power Function:

You can make full use of your clipper thanks to the power indicator on the hand piece. No need to replace the hand set back into the charging unit after every dog because of the Lithium-ion battery, you just leave it on the side and only recharge when its got below 20%.


  • Clipper kit includes: Clipper, #10 titanium blade, charging unit, cleaning brush, clipper oil and 3-pin UK lead,

  • Lightweight - 254 grams,

  • Lithium-ion battery,

  • Hand piece Size: 18cm (L) x 5cm, tapering down to 3.5 cm (W),

  • Instructions included,

  • Supplied in cardboard packaging,

  • 1 year warranty, with additional 2 year accidental warranty available at additional charge,

To accompany the Clipit Quattro clipper there is a range of Titanium clipper blades.

Unlike most clipper blades that are made from stainless steel, our clipper blades are made from titanium steel which are highly resistant to corrosion and stay cool and sharper for longer.

Titanium is known for two properties, corrosion resistant and strength to density ratio. One of the most common uses for Titanium is in the aerospace and marine industries because of its corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater environments where corrosion due to chlorine is a concern. Its superb water and chemical resistance is why we have created a state of the art clipper blade for the future. Our Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades will stay sharper and cooler for longer than a standard stainless steel blade will. All our blades are easy to fit, by just popping on and off the clipper head. The blade system is unique to this clipper and will not fit other brands of clippers.

To check out our range of clippers and clipper blades, the link is below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comments box.

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