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Clipping Tips: Why you could use an attachment comb instead of a clipper blade.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Attachment combs can sometimes be referred to as snap on combs. They are designed to soften the coat with their longer teeth and can offer an even and proportionate cut all over. However when using an attachment comb be mindful they should be used on a clean de-matted coat, otherwise if you hit thick matted hair, they could pop off if you haven't attached them securely.

Attachment combs are a huge time saver for the fact you won't need to use your scissors as often. They are also ideal for leaving more hair on the dog's body.

Attachment combs allow you to get the coat down to a specific length, usually around an inch, so no need to spend hours scissoring. The best attachment combs are the metal type compared to the plastic. The teeth on the plastic type can become very flexible over time and won't give you the crisp finish that you are looking for.

Pop on the required length attachment comb to either a #10 or a #30 blade. You cannot use an attachment comb with a #40 blade as it won't fit right and it will likely pop off during the clip.

There are some limitations to attachment combs. First if popping onto a #30 blade there is a possibility it will break teeth on your blade due to the tight attachment comb spring, plus hair will get caught frequently in between the teeth of the blade. Using it on a #10 won't give you the same finish as a #30 blade gives, but it will safe guard you from having to replace a blade.

How to take care of your attachment combs

Like your clipper blades, you need to keep them clean. Don't store them with hair on. Hair is acidic and will eventually corrode the teeth and hinge where the comb clips onto the blade. Bacteria can also creep in, so it's best to get rid of the hair so you don't transfer a rash to the next dog. Always remember to oil the hinge. You will know when it needs oiling, when the hinge becomes tight. Give it a spray of Clipit Easy Oil every week.

Do you have any questions about attachment combs? Want to know which ones fit your clipper?

Drop us a comment in the section below and we will get back to you soon.

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