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5 preventative steps to improve a dog groomers health

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Dog grooming is not as glamorous as some industry leaders portray. Every day you are exposed to a barrage of matted dogs and cats, you have to lift over weight pets and on top of that you have to deal with the hair.

The key to minimising health risks is to use the correct equipment, get the best training and put into place preventative measures. That's why in this handy article we're going to look at the occupational hazards of being a dog groomer and how you can take some steps to protect yourself.

  1. Groomers Lung A few years ago no one talked about Groomers Lung, it was never heard of. However over a period of time dog groomers have started talking and they now recognise there is such a thing as "Groomers Lung". Every day in the salon the dog groomer is exposed to dog hair, fillings and dust from nail cutting, blasting out dead undercoat and excess dead skin. It is a serious condition and precautions should be taken to prevent lung exposure to these air particles. Preventatives Measures - Wear a mask. This is especially important when force drying a dog after it's been in the bath. Heavy coated breeds are particularly bad for shedding their hair in the salon. Hair and fur fly around and can be absorbed internally. Click here to see our face coverings. - Wear Googles and mouth visor. Besides the fact hair can be absorbed internally, hair can also penetrate into your eyes. Always wear a good pair of googles. Here at Clipit we offer innovative facial protection products, such as the Clipit Goggle and Visor.

2. Sore Feet As a dog groomer you could be standing for at least 12 hours in a busy Christmas period. Sore feet can be a real hazard and very disruptive outside of work. Preventatives Measures - Use Insoles in your shoes. Consider a pair of our Gel Insoles. They provide excellent comfort and offer cushioning and shock absorption support for the feet, and lessens the stress on joints and ligaments in the foot.

3. Back Problems As a dog groomer you find yourself in awkward positions, besides the fact you have to lift heavy dogs into the bath or onto a grooming table. Over a period of time this can cause acute back ache. Preventatives Measures - Wear a back support. Having lower back pain, it is good to find a back support that works on the core muscle groups, as you can wear it for long periods of time. The Clipit support belt hugs the body, for an exact comfortable fit. It is made from 900D durable foam that conforms to the body contours for greater comfort when lifting. - Use a ramp or steps. If you haven't got the investment to buy a hydraulic or electric table or bath, consider purchasing a set of pets steps. This way, the bigger dogs can walk onto the higher surface. - Rest your back with a grooming stool. The Clipit Saddle Stool takes the strain off your back and feet and provides enhanced posture support.

4.Hearing Problems

If you spend a long time in the salon you will know that blasters and dryers produce a lot of noise. Being exposed to these loud pitched sounds can take a toll on your ears. Preventatives Measures

Wear Ear Protection. Invest in a good set of ear defenders to protect your ears.

5. Scratches.

Working with animals you can expect to receive scratches and bites from time to time. So it is imperative to wear the correct clothing and/or consider

investing in a pair of protective over sleeves.

Preventatives Measures - Wear a grooming top that offers full length sleeves. The Clipit Grooming

Jacket with long sleeves helps reduce exposure to scratches, it is also perfect

to prevent hair splinters in the crease of your elbow.

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