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How to Prevent Groomers Lung

Updated: Feb 16

Pet groomers lung disease is a chronic condition that effects anyone that clips and carries out dog grooming, horses and cats.

Tiny sharp fragments of hair get deep into the lungs and can cause severe breathing problems from inflammation and tissue getting scared. Damage takes place over a long period of time and many groomers don't notice the difference until it's too late. You can read more about groomers lung here

Only occasionally do groomers wear a safety mask while blasting drying or clipping a coat. You can only reduce the amount of hair being absorbed is by wearing the correct protective face masks.

Clipit Grooming offers a variety of protective face masks that can be viewed by clicking here . One particular face covering that we recommend is our innovative Goggle & Visor for the the ultimate full face protection against animal hair.

With a comfortable face seal and nose bridge, these face protection goggles offer an excellent field of vision. They have an anti-mist and anti-scratch coating and can be worn with prescription glasses. The strap is fully adjustable and can be fully removed.

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