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Dog Grooming Comb Anatomy

Purchasing a dog grooming comb can be a very difficult decision. The type of comb that you select depends on the coat you will be grooming.

The following information will help you to better understand your options and choose the best comb for your grooming needs.

Shedding Combs are made of two different length of teeth. The longer teeth are designed to lift and separate the hair, while the shorter teeth removed the thick undercoat. Flea combs are made from very close together teeth. They are designed to be combed through the coat to remove fleas ,flea eggs, dirt and anything else the coat maybe holding.

Medium/Coarse Comb are designed to be used to detangle, de-shed and fluff fine to medium length coats.

Fine/Medium Comb are used frequently to remove undercoat, detangle ad de-shed coat. Once any tangles are removed, scissoring can be done quickly.

Face Combs are much smaller in size and are great for removing knots under the eyes and around the eyes.

Finishing Combs are commonly used in salons. The are great for going through the coat at the end of a groom to ensure all the knots are removed. Normally longer in size, compared to a combination comb.

Rotating Pin Comb have teeth that spin around to prevent coat from tangling and breaking They can be used for detangling, de-shedding and fluffing.

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