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What equipment do I need to groom my dog?

Here we will look at the many tools available to you the groomer or pet owner. The fundamental rule is that you only get what you pay for. Buying from an establishment where experienced people are on hand helps you to decide what, and what not, to buy. So coming to Clipit Grooming, who has been in the dog grooming industry for 25 years, we have the accreditation to help you.

Here is a selection of equipment that is available from our shop that will help you in your business.

Protective Clothing Getting your image will help you to encourage clients to come back. Looking good should not only apply to the dog you are trimming. Grooming is a messy job with hairs getting everywhere, but a clean, smart pair of specially designed grooming overalls will keep you looking fresh and smart. The Clipit Suit that is designed to keep all hair out allows you easy movement to make some of the intricate bends required to get around the dog. They can be cleaned easily, and shed dog hair with ease.

Comfortable shoes are a must. Soles should grip the floor easily. You are likely to be on your feet all day, so the grooming salon is no place for high heels.

Grooming Table The ideal grooming table is steady and strong. The table should be a comfortable height for you so that you won't spend much of the day stopping over your canine customers. An adjustable table is ideal, as you can alter the height at which you work according to the dog.

Bath Every groomer needs a bath. Less backbreaking are those that are at waist level, but one person cannot lift heavy dogs into the raised bath alone. A tow bench placed adjacent to the bath makes life easier so the dog can walk himself into the bath. If you prefer you can buy a bath that is on wheels. It is on castors for mobility.

Bath Brush A plastic spa brush for deep cleaning or distributing treatments in the coat.

Shampoo There are so many shampoos on the market: some are designed for certain coat colours, some are universal, some are anti-flea, some are pro-skincare, some contain protein, some are super-whiteners.. the list is endless.

Conditioners These are not necessary for all coats, but most (whether long, short, wiry or curly)will benefit from the use of oil-based enhancers to help keep the mats at


Some conditioners are designed to improve the finish of scissored breeds: mostly, they are concentrated and should be diluted with water when required.

Dryers These are essential. It is always a good policy to have a hands free, powerful, specially made dog dryer. There are several on the market and the best choice is to get a high wattage dryer. They will last longer and will produce a better controlled air flow.

Forced Air Dryer (Blaster)

Modern methods and equipment will save you the groomer from hours of work and from getting sore fingers. The blaster is a highly effective blower that penetrates and separates the coat, removing dust and tangles, and blowing the hair straight. When the dog needs to be brushed prior to being bathed, the blaster can be used instead, providing the dog does not object.


The combination comb provides you with both medium and coarse teeth. With stainless steel teeth, and a wide rounded back, the combination comb helps remove matting and felting hair.

Brushes The Slicker Brush come in a variety of sizes and styles. Each brush has hooked stainless steel pins to break up the tangles. Every groomer should have these.

Clipper and Blades There are so many different styles and clippers on the market, that come in a variety of speeds. Always remember the faster the machine the quicker the blades will heat up. If you are a mobile dog groomer always consider a cordless machine, this offers you better movability.

Clipper Blades

Blades that should be included when starting a grooming business.

#40. Surgical #30 used for clipping feet

#15 for faces

#10 used when the skin is more delicate and for under attachment combs.

#5 summer body clip off

#4F for a longer winter finish

Clipper Oil

Lubricant for clipper blades and scissors

Blade Wash A de-greasing, cleaning substance for blades.

Comb Attachments Use for changing the size of the blade to leave a specific length.

Ear Care Forceps, ear cleaner and ear powder are assets in the grooming room.

Eye Care Tearstain remover Nail Care There are several types of nail clippers available, some of which include a safety guard to prevent too much nail being clipped off at a time. They come in small, medium and large sizes. It is always advisable to keep a pout of Quick Stop at hand, should the quick of the nail ne nicked. Tip a small amount into a saucer and dip some damp cotton wool into it and then dab it onto the nail.

Scissors There are literally hundreds of types of scissors on the market, ranging from the very expensive high standard finishing scissors, which give a truly expert cut, to the more affordable, basic varieties.

Thinning Scissors Thinning scissors have a flat blade on one side and a blade with gaps in on the other. They are used primarily on spaniels and thick coats that need thinning out rather than clipping off. For more information on buying scissors, please read this article

Stripping Tools

There are several tools available, used for various aspects of stripping different coats.

Stripping Knife Left and right handed, the knife comes with a long, fine blade with a round, bobbled end. It can be used on coarse coats to thin the coat out. For more information on the Do's and Don'ts of Hand Stripping, click here

De-Matting Tools The Mat-Splitter

This is an effective aid that cuts through mats and tangles with ease. It is simple to use, causing the dog very little distress, even with he toughest knots. Matt-Breaker Designed for easy and efficient removal of mats and tangle with minimum hair loss. Stainless steel blades are shaped for optimum effect, and the blades are replaceable.

Cleaning Products

You will also need some pet-safe disinfectants. for cleaning your equipment, tools etc.

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