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Why you need Single Edge Thinning Scissors for dog grooming.

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

There are many types and sizes available when purchasing single edge thinning scissors. Scissors are very individual, but when choosing the correct single edge thinner make sure it feels comfortable and balanced in your hand and not someone else's.

Start your single edge thinning scissor collection with a pair of good all-round thinners, or sometimes called "Blenders".

What is a good single edge thinning scissor?

Thinning scissors are made up of one straight blade and a thinning blade with various numbers of teeth. Depending on the coat you want to trim, does depend on the thinning scissor you choose. The more teeth the thinner has the more hair it will remove. If you are looking for a finer finish, go for a thinner that has less teeth. These are particularly good for trimming the ends of tails and shaping the shoulder area.

A good pair of single edge thinners remove bulk coat just like the Clipit 6" Single Edge Thinner. Made from hardened German steel these scissors are very well balanced and produce an excellent finish with it's 32 teeth. When using them they will give you a comfortable feel, with no force needed from your thumb. Controlling the scissor is vital to achieve a smooth finish.

How to hold a single edge thinning scissor

Insert the third finger into the finger hole with your thumb inserted into the thumb hole. The thumb does not hold the scissor but it operates it. The little finger is on the finger rest and the scissor should feel balanced and steady.

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To shop for Single Edge Thinning Scissors, click here

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