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Why you need finger inserts in your scissors.

Finger inserts are the little pieces of silicone or rubber rings that come inserted in the finger holes of your grooming scissors. These inserts are crucial for you to achieve balance, flexibility and control. They also play a huge part in preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, that many professional groomers suffer with after years of scissoring.

Balance and holding your scissor in your hand takes practice. Student groomers tend to struggle with their thumb, which operates the scissor. Educating student dog groomers in using a scissor takes time and can only be mastered with a lot of practice, concentrating on not allowing your thumb to slip through the hole, but just to concentrate on manoeuvring the thumb to operate the blades.

Diagram 1.

Diagram 1.

Insert the end of the thumb into the thumb hole. If you are finding your thumb slips through, change the finger insert for a larger/thicker size.

Scissor finger holes come in all sizes and depending on the size of your thumb you should always try and feel the scissor first before using, to make sure it's comfortable to you. It's a bit like buying a pair of shoes. As demonstrated in diagram 2. this particular scissor has a smaller thumb hole, but there is still room for having a bigger insert popped in.

Diagram 2.

Practice holding your scissor and with a relaxed position, imagine trimming around different shapes, this will help develop dexterity. Concentrate on keeping the scissors level and even and learn to balance from your feet upwards and move your body to see the correct scissoring line. To reduce the chance of a rough finish, remember to open the scissors wide and move the thumb smoothly.

Finger inserts provide additional padding to make prolonged scissoring more comfortable. As shown in this diagram.

In conclusion, scissoring is an art form, which takes time to achieve. You can help yourself by supporting your hand and your scissoring action by adding a little light comfort and release with a finger insert.

To shop finger inserts, please click here.

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