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Dog Grooming Supplies-All New Dog Groomers Need.

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

From clippers to scissors, grooming workwear to grooming storage, brushes to combs the list can be endless when you start as a new dog groomer.

Buying scissors and other grooming equipment can be additive, you only have to ask any established dog groomer. Since this career move can require a wide knowledge of everything related to grooming and animal care, you'll need a great collection of tools to do the job efficiently and professionally.

As a result, what are the basic kit requirements to complete the basic scope of services provided to most breeds you see in salons every week. So here is a list of your basic grooming supplies to get you started.

Grooming Supplies: Student Start-Up Shopping List

  1. Clippers

  2. Clipper Blades

  3. Combs

  4. Tools

  5. Scissors

  6. Grooming Top

  7. Odds and sods


Clippers are your go-to piece of kit for any new dog groomer. With corded, cordless, cable-driven, and cordless trimmers, the options and choices are endless. Having a powerful, quiet, lightweight clipper in your arsenal is a must. Not only will it safe guard you from wrist strain and fatigue, but having a quiet clipper will be beneficial when you have a nervous dog, a puppy or even a cat on your grooming table.

Corded and cordless is a personal choice, but with factors such as running time, disruption of a cord or access to electric supply, may determine your choice.

PRO SUGGESTION: The Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper ticks all the boxes for an extremely lightweight, super quiet, powerful Lithium-ion clipper. It looks more like a trimmer, but it delivers a whopping 8,000 strokes per minute (SPM). Don't be put off with the speed.. a helpful tip. The quicker the clipper, the better the finish.

This cordless clipper would be the ideal choice for anyone that wants to start grooming. The 4X4 Clipper Bundle comes with all the most popular size blades to do a variety of breeds. The bundle includes #10,#7F, #5F and a #4F that provides cutting lengths from 1.5mm to 9.6mm. However, buying a clipper is only just the start, don't forget to purchase the maintenance kit that goes with it. Here's what you require- Clipit Blade Care Maintenance Kit >>>>

Clipper Blades

A variety of good quality blades are a necessity, because as you start to progress into your career you will experience lots of blade issues, from blunting, corrosion and tensioning. Looking after your blades to include oiling and cleansing is essential if you run want to run an efficient grooming business. Maintaining a good selection of blades is critical for any pet groomer. The most popular lengths are 30, 10, 7F, 5F, 4F and a 3F. To ensure the safety of the pets you groom, it is advised you have two of each of these sizes.

Not sure what length blades to use when clipping dogs, here's the Essential Guide For Clipper Blades

PRO SUGGESTION: Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades are unique to the Clipit Quattro Clipper and will not fit a A5 style clipper. These blades are made from high-quality titanium, which are superior to stainless steel. Titanium is both lightweight and durable, but most of all they are corrosion resistant. They provide a longer life span between sharpening, plus they are heat resistant. Want to read more about these superior blades, check this piece out.

Combs A good quality comb should always be high on your list of grooming tools. Avoid buying a comb from a pet shop, otherwise in a short period you could find the teeth breaking off.

PRO SUGGESTION: Pro Groom Lightweight Finishing Comb. Ideal for lifting the coat to remove knots, tangles and dead coat. Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. A great starter comb.
Clipit Student Start-Up Kit

Choosing the right supplier to provide you with good quality tools that is going to last you right into your business, is an incredibly important decision. We also appreciate cost is a huge factor when choosing the right equipment, but here at Clipit we believe in offering you quality products that will last you years. As the future of our industry, we want to give you all the help you need to make your new career a success.

Dog Grooming Student Kit

Our Dog Grooming Student Kit is designed to have all the essential pieces of grooming equipment that is needed for you to start your course with. It is an unbeatable deal that contains excellent quality tools, scissors, the brand NEW Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper and blades all housed in a really stylish holdall grooming bag.

This money saving bundle offers the most effective way to maximise your budget when starting on your new career path. This kit is comprised off:

  • Clipit Quattro Cordless Clipper

  • Blades: #30,#10,#7F,#5F,#4F

  • Clipit Scissor Kit: 7" straight scissor, blending scissor, curved scissor, bullnose scissor

  • Combination comb 19"

  • Lifting comb 25"

  • Slicker long pin

  • Slicker standard pin

  • Wahl attachment comb set

  • Nail clippers

  • De-matting comb

  • Grooming bag

  • De-matter

  • Blade care kit

  • Stripping knife

With all your equipment requirements set out above, don't forget to buy yourself some hair resistant workwear. All our range of dog grooming apparel provides total protection against hair. Our featured Clipit Suit is a must, or if you prefer a separate top and trousers, check out the Clipit Daisy Jacket and Clipit Cargo Trousers.

It doesn't pay you to buy fashionable spa/hair-dressers tunics or veterinary scrub tops. They are made from cotton, and will attract hair and make your life unbearable. You will soon discover short hair splinters will get through your clothing and can make your skin sore and even turn sceptic.

We are here to support you.

We have many years of experience supplying students with their essential start-up kits. We have a dedicated account manager that can help you and guide you from your initial inquiry, your quote, right through to delivery. They will offer you their industry knowledge to ensure your kit is produced to the exact requirements of your course, as well as advising on potential savings that can be made, and alternative brands to improve the quality.

All students registering with Clipit will receive exclusive trade student card, which will entitle you to a 10% discount for the duration of your training course. In addition, we also offer further help and advice with product training that is exclusive to our partner colleges.

To register for your Student Discount, click the link below for the Student Programme.


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