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Why Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades are better than stainless steel.

Clipit state of art titanium clipper blades, that accompany the Clipit Quattro cordless clipper are highly desirable for cool clipping, removing added blade weight, providing a fabulous smooth finish, and for removing additional maintenance costs.

Corrosion and heat resistant.
Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades

So what is so special about Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades?

Titanium is known for two properties, corrosion resistant and strength to density ratio. One of the most common uses for Titanium is in the aerospace and marine industries because of its corrosion resistance, especially in saltwater environments where corrosion due to chlorine is a concern. Due to the fact that titanium is a metal rather than an alloy, it is much stronger than stainless steel.

Titanium is also biocompatible, meaning it is non-toxic to the skin. Titanium is always more expensive than stainless steel, making it more cost-effective. Therefore, when keeping costs low stainless steel is deemed more suitable.

Why move away from stainless steel blades?

When using stainless steel blades, you should be aware that they corrode easily. In the absence of proper maintenance and oiling, stainless steel blades heat up very quickly from the blade tensioning.

The Pro's for using Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades

  • Lightweight

  • Corrosion and heat resistant

  • Longer service life

  • #10 blade fits to Wahl Metal Comb Attachments

  • Very quiet

  • Highly durable

  • Excellent quality

  • It is sharpenable

  • Reduced care requirement

The Con's for using Clipit Titanium Clipper Blades

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