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Great Dog Grooming Just Doesn't Happen

If you're just starting to pursue a career in dog grooming, one of the first lessons you have to understand great grooming just doesn't happen. You maybe thinking but I've had my own dogs for years and grooming other dogs does not phase me.

No matter when you start your career in dog grooming, the key to success is diverse and well-rounded education.

Why is education so important?

The industry of dog grooming is diverse and wide ranging. You get groomers that are specialists in large breeds, while others only cater for cats. There are some that declare themselves as a stylist, preferring to only trim Crufts winning show dogs, and other groomers who have nanny right status who specialise in hand stripping. No matter what type of dog groomer you want to be, the key to becoming a great groomer is to continually develop yourself through education.

Paula Bryan, Clipit MD has been in the industry over 35 years and has seen it change so many ways. Many years ago the only way to train was either enrolling at an agricultural college to sit City and Guilds, or you took the route of being trained through an apprenticeship scheme. Nowadays there are a number of education providers that span iPET that deliver a range of qualifications for animal care to include First Aid and ICMG whereby you can take a qualification that is recognised here and in the US.

Whichever way you decide to enter the dog grooming world, continue to develop yourself through education. Because what you want to achieve is confidence in your skills and the ability to pursue your career. Never be satisfied with being mediocre.

So how do you do that on a tight budget and you don't have the funds to keep taking courses?

The best place to start getting value for money education is by attending the many grooming shows up and down the country. Dog grooming shows for 2023 are plentiful this year, so you must get into your diary early a couple at least for you to attend. Dog grooming events are great resource of free education to hone your education with so many free resources on hand.

UK Dog Grooming Events

Some of the 20 dog grooming events that are planned for the UK dog grooming industry 2023 are wide ranging from being large International Conferences to smaller regional events. In-person events are an excellent way to look at products, try new scissors, and watch top dog groomers demonstrate and share their secrets. If you only go home with one golden nugget, then attending the show has been worthwhile.

20 UK dog Grooming Events for 2023.
2023 Dog Grooming Events

Image courtesy of BIGA

If attending a dog grooming event is not your thing, there is plenty of great content that can be found online through Facebook, YouTube and TikTok. Online education is an amazing resource for dog grooming.

Online Dog Grooming Education

If your one for not leaving your sofa, there are plenty of live webinars you can view directly from your phone and ipad. A great resource is Groomers Gallery, a subscription online portal where you can learn a hoist of different subjects and different breeds. Online education is an amazing resource for groomers of all levels, whether its business studies, seminars, video techniques or demonstrations, it helps keep your passion alive.

Now you might be thinking grooming events and online portals aren't your thing; so why not subscribe to the Clipit Blog or our the Clipit Education Centre. Education just doesn't stop there, especially with all these designer breeds keep popping up. Having a well-rounded education of all coats types can assist you in your everyday grooming.

One of the most requested information on social media is " I have a XXX breed coming in tomorrow and I am not sure what length to clip the coat" By pulling from your treasure of knowledge, you can confidently groom whatever comes through your front door. By the way if you need information of different breed lengths, have a look at the Ultimate Guide to Blade Lengths.

Great Grooming just doesn't happen. Great grooming needs time to nurture and develop, it doesn't come over night. With time and education, you can be the great groomer you have always dreamt about.

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