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What to Wear When Dog Grooming.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Love your job, but hate the hair?

There's no doubt about it, dog hair is one hazard you cannot avoid if you are a dog groomer. It literally gets everywhere, including your bra!

Over the years we've heard stories of professional groomers plucking hair splinters from their skin, where the hair has caused sore sceptic spots. The worse story was of a groomer who suffered from a punctured lung, because she had absorbed hair internally. This is a huge hazard and should be addressed in what you wear and the protection you give yourself.

Why do groomers love wearing Clipit workwear?

  1. Lightweight and breathable

  2. 100% hair resistant

  3. Wash at 30 degrees, quick drying

  4. Comfortable

  5. Practical

  6. Flattering

  7. Smart, professional look

  8. Personalisation

What to wear when bathing

When it comes to bathing a dog, you want total protection from water, soap suds and the odd sharp claw. Clipit's own design Waterproof Apron offers removable sleeves, a high neck and open back design. Lightweight but practical, this one size apron measures 44" in length and 26" wide so caters for sizes 12-22. Not only can this provide water protection it can be used as a grooming garment to protect against hair. Available in navy and pink.

Click here to shop Clipit Waterproof Apron

What to wear when grooming Getting your image right will help you to encourage clients to come back. Looking good should not only apply to the dog you are trimming.

As we have already pointed out, hairs get everywhere; especially in the crease of your elbow. That is why one of our most popular grooming attire is the Clipit Grooming Jacket with long sleeves. Made from a lightweight hair resistant material, the sleeves are elasticated so they can be pushed up when bathing. The jacket is both practical and stylish with a mandarin hi-neck collar to keep hair away from your neck and arms. Available in sizes from XS-XXXL Colour: navy with silver piping

Prevent your lungs from being damaged

Do you know the average dog groomer spends 43% of their working day blasting or force drying dog's coats? All that time dog hair, dandruff, nail fillings and microbes are being absorbed into the system. When pet hair and dander are absorbed they travel down to your lungs and stay there. Eventually you will start to suffer what is called Groomers Lung.

To help prevent absorption of dog hair invest in a good quality respirator mask. We offer the 4 ply Respirator Mask that particularly reduces airborne particles. It is easy to fit with the elasticated ear lopes, and a nose bar to prevent fogging.

Click here to shop 4 Ply Respirator Mask

Prevent hair getting into your eyes

A big hazard for any dog groomer is getting dog hair in the eyes. A tiny hair splinter can cause very sore irritable eyes. To help prevent dog hair getting in you eyes invest in a pair of protective googles. We offer the clear polycarbonate lens googles that don't fog up. Click here to shop Protective Googles

Arm Protection The Clipit Over Sleeves suit a wide range of applications and offers superb protection from the wrist to above the elbow. On a practical level, elastic at both ends of the sleeve helps keep it securely in place for fuss-free wearing and piece of mind.

Click here to shop Clipit Over Sleeves

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