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Grooming workwear: How to choose the right apparel.

Updated: Oct 12

Finding the right style, design and material that blends with your salon décor or even your personality can be tricky, especially when you need the right workwear that will gets the job done.

Here are a couple of points to remember when choosing your dog groomer workwear, especially when it comes to hair repellent material.


The right fabric is going to make your job a lot easier. The right dog grooming workwear not only does it need to be durable, but it needs to be hair resistant, so hair just slides off, and in cases when bathing dogs, also needs to be waterproof. The biggest reason to wear the appropriate clothing is you aren't covered in hair all day.

Cotton / Polyester - Both of these fabrics should be avoided. Not only will they not hold up to the rigours of grooming dogs, but they will only serve to collect hair. Plus if you spill a product on them like clipper oil, the material will absorb right in and will not want to be removed.

Waterproof Nylon - These are made from a fabric called Taslan. There are different thicknesses of Taslan that makes them waterproof, stain proof and allows the hair to slide off. They do have a tendency to trap body heat in, but allows the hair to slide right off and keeps you comfortable.

Top Tip! Avoid anything with a nap. Basically avoid any material that has a texture like corduroy, cotton or polyester. Cotton will always attract more than a synthetic material.


Having the right fit of dog grooming workwear, makes for a confident day. Remember you have to wear it all day, so if does not pay for you to be uncomfortable. We always recommend that whatever your size, always go up a size for extra wriggle room.

Don't be afraid to look for something different

The Clipit Suit does have a tendency of attracting comments like " it looks like a F1 Drivers Outfit". However what price do you put on a garment to be totally hair free all day?


As well as being hair resistant, you need to consider other factors which will help with your investment into the right grooming workwear. This can mean anything from protection of the arms to covered zips, elasticated sleeves and high collars. Possibly washing instructions too.

An easy to-care-for workwear is always beneficial too, however we always recommend a back up uniform, as continuous washing can deteriorate the material.

Complete the look of your grooming workwear with Personalisation

Finish off your dog groomer workwear with a professional look in way of either embroidery or vinyl printing. Personalising your uniform can improve your brand, identity and awareness to your clients. Customers are also more likely to trust you.

So what are you waiting for? Whatever your trade- from dog groomers, dog walkers, professional horse grooms or stud hands, we have the right workwear for you. A comprehensive range is waiting for you to include The Clipit Suit, Hair Resistant Jackets and Waterproof Aprons- with the option of adding your logo or name to almost all garments. Stand out from the crowd and wear "Clipit".

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