How to Avoid your Dog Clipper Breaking Down

What is the saying ” a professional is only as good as his tools”. Nothing is more true when it comes to using dog clippers on a day by day basis.

Clippers are a valued piece of kit, but like anything, unless you look after them properly at some point they will let you down.

There isn’t really much on a clipper that can go wrong, but if you follow these helpful tips you will avoid your dog clipper breaking down when your half way through clipping him.

Change the blade drive assembly

Most clippers have a plastic drive assembly, or otherwise known as a blade lever. This is the part that can be found in the clipper head that engages the clipper blade to drive. Depending on how fast your clipper runs will depict on how frequently your blade lever will need changing. To tell whether your blade lever needs changing, take a moment and look at the edging. Does it look like it’s rounding off, or does it have a square profile?

If the lever looks rounded and worn then it needs replacing. Depending on the amount of use, the lever should be changed every 4 months, basing it on 6 dogs per day. They are not expensive to replace, nor is it a difficult job to do. Just remove the cap on top of the clipper head, unscrew, take out the old lever, replace with new. Screw in and pop the clipper head cap back on.

Time: no more than 5 minutes.

Clipper cord storage

The worse thing you can do is wrap the clipper cord around the hand piece of the clipper. The cord is made up of strands of copper; wrapping the cord will cause the copper to stretch and with 12 months use, you will need a replacement. A cord replacement should always be done by a qualified person.


We would never recommend you dipping your clipper blades into a blade wash solution while they are on the clipper and running. Most blade washes contain alcohol, which is flammable. Not only is it dangerous, but if the blade wash reaches the clipper motor it will blow the motor. Motor replacement isn’t cheap and should only be replaced by a qualified person.

Dropping your clipper

Clippers don’t like being dropped, but there are sometimes you can never predict it’s going to happen, especially if you have a difficult dog on the table. Invest in a clipper holder or wrap a rubber sleeve around the handle.

Keeping the filter clean

The filter is there for a reason- to stop hair getting into the clipper. The filter should be cleaned after ever use. This will help prolong the life of the clipper.

Checking the blade hinge.

The blade hinge is the T piece that holds the clipper blade on the clipper. The screws can wear and loosen over time. Check frequently as this can impact on the blade engaging onto the clipper.

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