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How to keep your pet comfortable when travelling.

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

When traveling with your pet, whether it's a short or long trip, you should always keep your dog comfortable. Things can get a little muddy or a little hot, so we have put together this helpful guide so your dog can travel comfortably.

It would seam there are now lots of viruses that our dog's can pick up when they are out and about. Alabama Rot Disease can threaten our pets, and the way to avoid it is by washing the mud off following a wet and muddy walk. A good place to discover more on this disease, head over to the RSPCA.

So how do we protect our pet against Alabama Rot Disease?

Its always handy to have a portable shower in the back of your vehicle with a jerry can of water. By washing the mud off, you can reduce the chance that your dog will catch Alabama Rot Disease. With a 1.8 mitre length hose this rechargeable portable shower is perfect for use when you are out, around the yard or for washing your dirty boots. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged on the go with your cigarette lighter or from the mains. Quick and easy to operate, just turn on the pump and submerge it into a suitable water source.

With built-in rechargeable battery.
Portable Shower - Ideal for washing off the mud

How to Keep your pet cool when travelling

Travelling with your pet when it's really hot can be very uncomfortable, and if it gets really hot all travel should be postponed. Sometimes however you cannot put off from travelling with your pet, so its best to start your travels early in the day.

Before you head off make sure your vehicle is comfortable for the journey. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Mountable Cyclone 12V Fan. A powerful and quiet oscillating fan can be mounted on the window by a suction pad. The unit comes with 2.5m of cable, so plenty of length to plug it into your cigarette lighter. With a 2 speed option, this provides clean, fresh circulating air in your vehicle.

Provides fresh circulating air when you travel
Mountable 12v Cyclone 3 Single Oscillating Fan

2. Pet Cooling Mat To help keep you pets body temperature down, invest in a cooling mat. Waterproof and hygienic to wipe clean, they safely and gradually reduce you pets body temperature. Available in two sizes, small and large, they are ideal for placing in your vehicle to keep your pet cool. If you are staying over night, be sure to remove the cooling mat from your vehicle. Can be folded and stored away neatly.

Developed to take the heat out of your pet.
Pet Cooling Mat

3. Waterproof Pet Car Seat Did you know under Rule 57 of the Highway Code you have to legally strain your pet when travelling in your car so they do not interfere with your driving? Under this rule you are expected to house them in a cage, pet carrier, or use a harness to secure them comfortably.

The Waterproof Pet Car Seat is lightweight and folds away easily when you don't need it. With strong securing straps, the pet car seat can be fixed to the passenger font seat whereby you can keep an eye on your pet. Made from heavy duty Oxford fabric, it is easy to wipe down to remove mud and debris.

More Products For Keeping Your Pet Comfortable

3. Foldable Pet Ramp This foldable pet ramp is ideal for older pets that need a helping hand when getting into a vehicle or even into a bath. It has a maximum loading weight of 90 kilo's so is able to take the weight off a heavy dog. The non-slip surface provides traction for the most muddiest of paws, so it enables your pet to grip when walking up the ramp. The ramp also features high sides so your furry friend won't fall off the side.

If you would like any of these products for keeping your pet comfortable when travelling, and would like to inquire further, please visit our shop.

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